“Fly Fishing for Trout” (Old School VHS)


It seems that someone has uploaded my father’s old (early 1980’s) Scientific Anglers film, “Fly Fishing for Trout,” onto YouTube (in six parts, see links below). Watching it makes me realize how fast the years have flown by when I think that my father was my current age (39) when this VHS(!) video was popular. Not so sure that 3M/Scientific Anglers are on-board with the YouTubery, so if you like what you see, perhaps consider buying the full-quality DVD version.

FFfT part 1 – FFfT part 2 – FFfT part 3 – FFfT part 4 – FFfT part 5– FFfT part 6


  1. Satoshi Yamamoto says:

    WOW! Nice videos! I just want to ask you, was this shot at Armstrong’s like the nymphing video? My understading is the creek has been changing over the years (run-off, re-construction, etc) but simply the barns and buildings look familiar to me at the Ranch.
    I really like this kind of educational and tutorial video. Although I have been fishing, got some experience, and understand what your father says, master’s works help me get better. (assuming I am right,) this makes me go back to Armstrong’s any time!!

  2. JB says:

    Satoshi—A large part of it was shot at Armstrong’s, with the rest scattered throughout Montana and Idaho, as I recall. It was a great few years when my father was shooting these films (and they were films, shot on 16mm, then transfered to tape). Miss those days…

  3. Steve says:

    Really cool. They don’t make em like they used to.

  4. JB says:

    Steve—Yeah, that video (and a few others my father did like it) really feel like…films. There was a huge amount of production craft that went into them, and despite being 25 (or more) years old, they still have something special (I think).

  5. marc fauvet says:

    that’s a real treat Jason. you’re right, very special indeed.
    it’s always great to see and hear your dad. “c’mon fish !”

    thanks for sharing this.

  6. JB says:

    Marc—”C’mon fish!” How many times have I heard that in my life? Even works occasionally, too ;-)

  7. Jeff says:

    Jason, Where is your dad fishing? This looks like a beautiful area.

  8. JB says:

    Jeff—A sizable chunk was shot on Armstrong’s Spring Creek (Livingtson, MT). The rest was shot on a few “bigger water” locations that escape me at the moment (the Madison may make a brief appearance (along with other rivers), but I’d have to watch the last couple of segments through again). There were a number of related films that my father shot over a couple of summers, and the locations tend to get mixed up a bit…

  9. john mcgranaghan says:

    Thanks for putting those films up.
    They were very enjoyable.
    Your Dad seems a very likable guy.

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