Drawing Fish 52 – 24_Crappie

Drawing Fish 52 crappie. Done with the same CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) “3-D” look as the largemouth bass from April 7. For those unfamiliar, CMYK is the color space used in print work, and this piece uses each of the core colors in their “pure” form (well, as rendered by your RGB color-space computer monitor).

As far as the fish goes, I caught a lot of crappie growing up (and where I grew up, it was pronounced with an “ahh” sound in the middle, perhaps to make it sound a tad more gentrified—or something like that). They are a fun gamefish on the fly, and can grown quite large (for a panfish, that is). A good sized crappie will definitely put a bend in a 4-weight, and is pretty tasty pan-fried, as well.

Notes: Much like the largemouth bass piece, this was hand-drawn, then scanned, then turned into vector art for Adobe Illustrator, and finally colored and assembled.

Tech Info: Pen on paper, scanned, converted to vector art, colorized and layered.

Check out Jeff’s site for his awesome crappie. One of my favorites to this point. Great piece of work for 30 minutes! Actually, just a really nice piece of work, no matter how many minutes.

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