Introducing the DF&F 52 Project

Whether abbreviated as “DF&F 52″ or just “DFF 52,” the 2012 art project that I’ll be working on with Jeff Kennedy will encompass the subject of our two previous years. Yes, 2012 is the year of Drawing Fish & Flies 52.

In other words, we’ll be doing both fish and flies this year, alternating between them as we see fit. Whether you liked the flies of 2010 or the fish of 2011, or both, you should find 2012 to cover all the bases.

For 2012, the previous “rules” still apply: Agree on a subject and draw, paint, sculpt, or otherwise create an image of that subject in 30 minutes max start-to-finish. The image doesn’t have to be literal, and indeed, it is the artistic interpretation that keeps things interesting.

There are some new things for DF&F 52, though: 1) We are doing both fish and flies, subject to what we agree on each week; 2) We are going to move the DF&F52 image posting to Saturdays; 3) We are going pre-announce the following week’s subject after we post an image each week. That’s so any readers who want to play along with the DF&F 52 project can do so. More about that later; 4) We are going to invite a few of our artist friends to participate with us on an occasional basis. Hopefully some will agree! More about that later, too.

So, coming up for Saturday, January 7, will be two images to kick off DF&F52: Rainbow Trout and Royal Wulff, a combo that Jeff and I felt was just about perfect.


  1. John says:

    I dig the pre-announced subject matter. I may have to break out the sketch pad.


    • JB says:

      John—Good to hear that you like the pre-announcement aspect. We definitely encourage others to follow along with us, and hope that there will be at least one more Rainbow and Royal Wulff combo (or either) for Saturday. We’ll talk a bit more about the “follow along” aspect on over the weekend, too, so see you then.

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