1,001 Fly-Casting Books on the Wall…

For those of you who know the old drinking song about “100 bottles of beer on the wall” (which I used to sing all the time as a kid—what does that say about me?), this is the fly-casting book version. After much consideration and the careful use of an abacus, I’ve decided to limit the hardcover print run of my upcoming Single-Handed Fly Casting book to 1,001 copies. If the book goes well enough, I may consider another option for a second run, but for now, I’m focusing on those 1,001 hardcovers. They’ll be printed here in the U.S. and they’ll all be signed and numbered, of course.

A number of readers have already tossed their names in the ring to reserve a copy. With that in mind, I am going to take pre-pre-orders. That is, if you are interested in being the first to know when the book is ready for actual pre-order (which will require actual money), send me an email and you’ll go on the list. Those who sign up for the “pre-pre” will get the chance to grab a copy first if they still want one by the time I get this project done.

A few of you have already requested specific numbers and I will honor those numbers, but such a reservation has a caveat: I ask that you are serious about ordering a copy. If I’m going to reserve a number for you and then potentially tell someone else they can’t have it, please do me the courtesy of being ready to order when the time comes.

As of now, I do *not* have a locked-down timeframe for the printing of this book. I still have a lot of work to do, but things are moving along .

I also do not have final pricing as of yet, but it will likely be somewhere around the $45 – 50 point, with shipping to be determined. In any case, I’m trying to keep the price reasonable given the rather short print run, the hardcover and the U.S.-based printing.

Update: Quite a few numbers (especially lower numbers, as well as many of the “triples” (e.g. 111) and 1000 and 1001) are already reserved. If you have an interest in a specific number, be aware that you might need to consider a second (or third) choice, as well.

Update 2: Trying to get a good handle on shipping costs, using my old Nature book as a basis. I’m guessing that it will be less than $5 in the States (via Media Mail, at least double that if you want it fast), probably in that $12-13 range to Canada and $20-24 everywhere else. Understand that’s a *guess* not a final number. Buying a seat on a jet, even a very small one in a little box in the cargo hold, isn’t cheap these days.

For those of you wondering, I’ll be sticking with the cover you see above. If you’re also wondering about the location, let’s just say that I’m more-or-less looking at the city of Chicago in that photo—from the other end of Lake Michigan. It would be a very long cast, indeed….


  1. Dave Felce says:

    Hi there Jason!

    if there are any places left on the list, can you please reserve a copy for me? (Speyside, UK)

    many thanks & all the best,


  2. David Wanderman says:

    Hi Jason,

    Never heard back regarding if book #816 is available. It would be an honor to get it, if so. Thanks for all your help. I passed along the article about injuries to a buddy suffering from severe tennis elbow related to fishing. It helped me, hope it helps him.



    • JB says:

      David–Sorry about that. Been out of town. #816 is yours. Thanks. And yeah, tennis elbow can be a significant pain during the cast, even with careful technique and grip pressure. Hopefully your friend can get some recovery underway and not re-aggravate.

      • David says:

        Hi Jason,

        Will you be sending out an email for payment at some point? Just want to know how you would like to handle the transaction. Looking forward to it. Saw your dad at Somerset show not too long ago. Always enjoy his presentations.


  3. Daniel Honor says:

    Two copies please, any numbers. One for me and a gift for my brother.

  4. Mike Franz says:

    Please place me on the pre order list and notify me when to purchase.

    IFFF CI and Director of Education for the Backcountry Fly Fishers of Naples. Fl.

    Thank You,


  5. Jonny says:

    Hello Jason
    Enjoyed Nature of Fly Casting – thank you very much for the signed copy of that also! Could I reserve a copy of the new one please? I assume 1 has gone (had to ask!)? If so could I order 248, failing that 900 would be good.
    Diolch yn fawr,

  6. Sorin Bozdog says:

    Hello Jason,

    please place me too on the pre-order list.
    #259, or #925 would be great. If not, any number.
    Thank you very much.


  7. Richard Wallace says:

    Jason please keep a copy for me. Look forward to publication.

  8. David Butler says:


    I am really hoping to be able to be fortunate enough to get on you pre-order list. If so, i would like #5 or 44 or 555.


  9. John Scott says:

    I would like a copy please. Is 375 available by any chance?
    John UK,

  10. Giedrius Z. says:

    I would like a copy, please.

    Giedrius Z.

  11. Seth Benefiel says:

    Hey Jason if there is any room left on the pre-order list I’d love to be on it. I have no preference as to numbers.

  12. Pascal Mathieu says:

    I hope there are still places … I would have two copies, I owes one to a friend! Any numbers… Thank you very much !

    Pascal, Québec

  13. Mike Johnson says:

    Please put me on the list for one of your books when ready.

    Mike Johnson

  14. Mike Johnson says:

    I definitely want 2 copies of your new book when it is ready.Do you have any copies of Nature of Flycasting available?

    Mike Johnson

  15. Joseph Grabowski says:

    What an opportunity to learn. Please reserve copy 620 for me if still available, Best Regards

  16. Joseph Grabowski says:

    Not sure first request went thru how about 620 if pre ordering is still open

  17. Paul Sweeney says:

    Hi Jason,

    I would like to be added to the list for the book. Please let me know the next step when it is ready.


  18. Altay Murat says:

    Hi, I’d like to reserve one copy for pre order. thanks

  19. jim muir says:

    Hi Jason,
    If possible I would like to reserve 467. If it is not available, I take anything.
    Jim Muir

  20. Lasse Fast Jensen says:

    Hi Jason
    Please put me on the list for a copy of your book. Thanks, Lasse Fast Jensen (Denmark)

  21. Jason,

    Hope you had a happy new year. I’d like to order (reserve) two copies please. Numbers are unimportant.

    Warm regards,

    Nathaniel Linville

  22. Michael Nuss says:

    Hi Jason, I’d like to reserve one copy for pre order. No number preference…



  23. Hi Jason,

    Since I missed my chance on getting your last book, I would love to get a copy of this one in hardcover if any space left.. Thanks a lot, I really like your work.


  24. Martin Guillemette says:

    Hi Jason
    Please put me on the list for a copy of your book. Thanks, Martin guillemette, Canada

  25. Jim Sommercorn says:

    Hi Jason-

    Please reserve a copy for me.

    Many thanks,


  26. Robert Bell says:

    Can I reserve a single copy. I expect my casting would benefit tremendously.
    Robert Bell

  27. Robert Bell says:

    Can I reserve a single copy. Number not important.

  28. Anthony Berry says:

    Hi Jason.
    Can I reserve one copy please.
    Thank you.

  29. Dennis Kidd says:

    Can I still reserve a copy of your book?

  30. Anthony Berry says:

    Hi Jason
    Can I reserve a single copy please
    Thank you

  31. Lawrence Meechan says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve just come across a reference to your new book. It looks really good. Are there any hard cover copies still available? If so, I would like 2 copies. I’m based in Scotland. Many thanks, Lawrence

  32. Jeff Sinigaglia says:


    I wanted too make sure my name was on the reservation list for one of your new books. If not, put me down for whatever number is available. Thanks.

    Jeff Sinigaglia

  33. George LeBeau says:


    Please put me on the list for one copy of your book Single handed fly casting. The number does not matter to me.

    George E. LeBeau

  34. John frazee says:

    Hi Jason,

    I want one.


  35. John frazee says:

    Oh. 0824 if u have it.

  36. Bill Balch says:

    Put my name on the list-in no particular order. Bill Balch

  37. Brett Goodman says:

    Dear Jason,

    Would very much appreciate if I could be placed on the reserve list for a single copy of your Single handed fly casting. If possible (in order of preference) the copy numbered: #100, #99, #500, or #555.
    Best regards,

  38. Thomas Lang says:

    Hi Jason,
    If possible I would like to reserve 365 or 247.

    If they are not available, I take anything :-).

    Thomas Lang

  39. Brett Goodman says:

    Dear Jason,

    Would love to reserve one copy of your forthcoming book, if possible either copy numbered: 99, 100, or 101.
    Best regards,

  40. Peter Hastings says:

    Please put me down for one Jason. I’ve got to try to keep up with Dave Felce!

  41. Tom Squeri says:

    Hi Jason. Glad to hear you are making good progress. I would like to reserve a copy, any number.

    Thank you.


  42. Mike Riley says:

    If you have any hard copies of your book left, please reserve one for me. Thanks

  43. Kris says:

    Please reserve a hard copy for me. Happy to have any random number.

  44. florent COCA says:

    Hi Jason

    is it still possible to make a reservation for one copy?

    I hope so



  45. Paul Laforce says:

    Would appreciate being added to the list for a copy, if they are still available.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

  46. Steve says:

    If there are still any available I’d like one copy. Any number is fine.

  47. Mike Johnson says:

    Please reserve a 3rd copy for me.Sign to Ron.

    Mike Johnson

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