1,001 Fly-Casting Books on the Wall…

For those of you who know the old drinking song about “100 bottles of beer on the wall” (which I used to sing all the time as a kid—what does that say about me?), this is the fly-casting book version. After much consideration and the careful use of an abacus, I’ve decided to limit the hardcover print run of my upcoming Single-Handed Fly Casting book to 1,001 copies. If the book goes well enough, I may consider another option for a second run, but for now, I’m focusing on those 1,001 hardcovers. They’ll be printed here in the U.S. and they’ll all be signed and numbered, of course.

A number of readers have already tossed their names in the ring to reserve a copy. With that in mind, I am going to take pre-pre-orders. That is, if you are interested in being the first to know when the book is ready for actual pre-order (which will require actual money), send me an email and you’ll go on the list. Those who sign up for the “pre-pre” will get the chance to grab a copy first if they still want one by the time I get this project done.

A few of you have already requested specific numbers and I will honor those numbers, but such a reservation has a caveat: I ask that you are serious about ordering a copy. If I’m going to reserve a number for you and then potentially tell someone else they can’t have it, please do me the courtesy of being ready to order when the time comes.

As of now, I do *not* have a timeframe for the printing of this book. I still have a lot of work to do, but things are moving along nicely. I will update this blog every week or so with progress notes from here on out, so at least we’ll all be on the same page (or pages, depending on much I can get done every 7 days).

I also do not have final pricing as of yet, but it will likely be somewhere around the $45 – 50 point, with shipping to be determined. In any case, I’m trying to keep the price reasonable given the rather short print run, the hardcover and the U.S.-based printing.

Update: Quite a few numbers (especially lower numbers, as well as many of the “triples” (e.g. 111) and 1000 and 1001) are already reserved. If you have an interest in a specific number, be aware that you might need to consider a second (or third) choice, as well.

Update 2: Trying to get a good handle on shipping costs, using my old Nature book as a basis. I’m guessing that it will be less than $5 in the States (via Media Mail, at least double that if you want it fast), probably in that $12-13 range to Canada and $20-24 everywhere else. Understand that’s a *guess* not a final number. Buying a seat on a jet, even a very small one in a little box in the cargo hold, isn’t cheap these days.

For those of you wondering, I’ll be sticking with the cover you see above. If you’re also wondering about the location, let’s just say that I’m more-or-less looking at the city of Chicago in that photo—from the other end of Lake Michigan. It would be a very long cast, indeed….


  1. Torbjörn Ericson says:

    Hi Jason,

    Please reserve a copy for me, #330 would be nice but any number will do

    Best Regards

  2. Jeff Woods says:

    Hello JB,

    I’d like a copy as well. If you can sign me up for #314 (pi) I would be greatful…damn engineers.



  3. Veljko Veselinovic says:

    HI Jason,

    I would like a copy of this book,please reserve one copy for me,the no of the book is not important,just save one for me,

    Best regards,


  4. chris duva says:

    Please reserve a copy of your upcoming book for me.

    Chris Duva

  5. Tomonori Bill Higashi says:

    Hi Jason! I’m glad that you are back in casting shape! I forgot to put a pre-pre order in… I’m really looking forward to it. Is #112 or #358 still available? If not, any number will do. Thanks

  6. Al Pyke says:

    Hi Jason,
    If at all possible, could you possibly put me on the pre-order list please?
    Many thanks

  7. peter mcgregor says:

    Hi Jason,
    Please reserve a copy for me if there are still some available.
    Peter McGregor
    cape town
    South Africa

  8. Chris Clabough says:

    Hey Jason,

    Please put me on the pre-order list if a copy is still available.

  9. Tim Ellis says:

    Hi Jason.
    Please put me on the list for your book. No. 13 please if available.
    Thanks, Tim.

  10. Evgeniy says:

    Please reserve a copy of your upcoming book for me.

  11. Luther Kyle says:

    Please put me on the pre-order list. I loved “Nature” and am excited about your next.
    Thank You,

  12. José Manuel says:

    HI Jason, please put me on the pre-order list if a copy is still available.

    Greetings from Spain.

  13. david lambert says:

    Jason, hey-

    I’m editing The Loop now, taken over from Soon Lee. Please put me down for a personal copy. We’re going to start a casting book review in the 21-Cent version of The Loop (first issue out in mid Dec 2013). Maybe we could lead the new column off with your newest book. Always interested in reading what you have to say. Let me know if you are interested.

    David Lambert

  14. Jim Wigington says:


    I would like to reserve a copy of your upcoming single hand casting book. I do not have a number preference.


    Jim Wigington

  15. Peter Brath says:

    Jason -

    I would love to reserve a spot on the list please.



  16. shaun hitterman says:

    Jason if you could reserve to books for me that would be awesome….if you happen to have numbers 51 and 331 that would be great if not let me know. Thanks so much

  17. alan swann says:

    Hi Jason,

    can you reserve me a copy? thanks. I live in the UK
    I don’t mind what the number is.

  18. bob hart says:

    Please reserve a copy for me. I meet your father at the somerset fly tying show. He told me you did the casting for the movie a river runs through it. Awesome casting.He raved about your ability. I thought he was very informative and a very nice guy. thanks

    • JB says:

      Bob–Thanks for such a kind comment. I did some of the doubled fly casting in the film, as did a couple of other industry friends. It was a great way to spend a summer as a fresh-out-of-college kid. I’ve added you to the book list, so thanks for that, too.

  19. John Rice says:


    Hoping to get on the pre-list for a chance at a copy. Would like copy 729 if you have it, otherwise any number will do.

  20. chris says:

    I would really like to get a copy of your book…628 if available,if not any will do.

  21. James Slay says:

    Jason, put me on the list for a book. I would like 1001, if available, then 1000, then 999.

  22. James Slay says:

    I sent a previous email requesting a copy of the book wiyh specific numbers. The numbers may have been taken. Any number of the 1001 will do.

  23. Ian Sambell says:

    Greetings from Australia JB.
    I would like to reserve a copy of your forthcoming book. The lowest no still available would be fine.

  24. Nick Taylor says:

    Hi Jason,
    I would love a copy of your book and I am not fussy about a particular number. Will you ship to Australia?
    Best regards.

    • JB says:

      Nick–You’re on the list. Books will be shipped to Oz, yes (many are already on the list). Costs are in the US $22-24 range of thereabouts. Will have a more exact idea once I get a final page count.

  25. Bruce Geldine says:

    Jason, I’m looking forward to your up coming book and like to reserve a copy. Any number will do.


  26. Paul Therrien says:


    Please reserve a copy of your new book. Any # will be ok.

    Thank you,


  27. Rich Knoles says:

    Dude, I can’t remember if I’m on the list or not. Number 69 has always been lucky for me!

  28. Valery Sayapin says:

    Hello, Jason!
    You send the book to Russia?
    I would like to register in the copy of your book previously.
    #22 or #202 it is possible?
    Thank you very much!

  29. John Symonds says:

    Hi jason,

    Please put my name on the list – any number will do.

    Best regards – John

  30. Stephen Tinkler says:

    Hi Jason,

    I would appreciate my name being added to the pre-order list (any copy number).


  31. Billy Cosby says:

    Hello Jason,

    I would really like a copy of this book and would like to be added to the pre-order list. Any number in the list is good, though if available I would like number 914. Thank you so much. And thank you for this great contribution to fly fishing.

    Billy Cosby

  32. Paul SAS says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’d like to have the number 175 but, I’m not stick to it any copy would be alright.

    Thank you,


  33. Eric says:


    Is number 925, 99, 87 or 787 still available?



  34. Rick says:


    Please add my name to the list. Any number will do.



  35. Stefan Kaltschik says:

    hello jason,
    please add me to the pre-order list.
    thank you, stefan from austria

  36. Bob Margulis says:

    So happy I stumbled onto this post. Please reserve me a copy. Might #907 be available?
    Mykiss vobiscum,

  37. jim muir says:

    I would like to reserve a copy. I wore #50 in the NFL and would love to have that no, but I would imagine it is long gone, so any no. will be just fine.
    Jason, when I hurt my casting hand. I used my other hand and started from page one of NATURE and soon I was casting just as good with that hand. Now that my hand has healed I use either hand. It has made for more fishing time. When I am in some thick back drop. I just use the hand that can put me in the clear casting direction. And when my arm gets tired I just switch hands. It’s been a blessing.
    When you going to make an instructional video?
    Thanks for your great info.

    • JB says:

      Jim–#50 is indeed gone, but I did put you down for #550 if that’s okay. Really pleased to hear that Naturehas been so useful for you and was part of your successful off-hand training.

      Video may follow SHFC. We’ll see about the time and funds to make it happen.

  38. Dewald Jurgens says:

    Hi. Please reserve a copy for me. Very excited. Thank you.

  39. Bernie Brown says:

    I would like to reserve a copy. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  40. Simon Kearns says:

    I’d also like to reserve a copy, if you can post to the United Kingdom

    Best Regards


  41. Alexander Fase says:

    Dear Jason,

    I’d also like to reserve a copy, if you can post it to the Netherlands.

    Best Regards


  42. Randall Meston says:


    Please add me to the reserve a copy list. No specific serial number desires.



  43. Ritchie says:

    Hi JB , Really would like a copy, The modular approach is feeling lonely .. if nr. 186 is still available …that would be great !!

    Thanks in advance
    Gr. Richard Verbeek.

  44. Kent Korgaard Hansen says:

    Hi Jason,

    Please reserve a copy of your book, if any left? Any given number will do.



  45. Trevor Hawkins says:

    Hi Jason, from New Zealand. Please reserve me a copy of your book. If number 9 is still available that would be great. Thanks Trevor

  46. Craig says:

    Hi Jason,

    If I could reserve a copy of the book that would be fantastic.


  47. Mike M. says:

    Hi Jason,

    Please reserve a copy of your upcoming book. Any number will be OK.



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