Tees are BACK!

This is a mock-up of what would be about a size medium or large. The actual tee you get might not look exactly like this (especially the largest sizes). Don’t worry, you’ll be ironically fashionable either way.

They’ve been on hiatus for a while, but tees are back at FF&W! Want to be the cool kid with the cool tee? Here you go. Not just any shirt with a fish slapped on it, these are my original illustrations, screen printed in Portland, Oregon, on tees sewn in the USA. You can wear these tees into a beer-and-burgers bar in rural Montana and you can wear these tees into an urban hipster coffeehouse. You can even wear these tees fishing.

With this new tee you can tell the world that you’re a fly fisher, and that you know your Oncorhynchus mykiss (that’s fancy-talk for steelhead). After drawing their gaze with the front, the back of the tee will reveal a tastefully subdued JB signature logo, affectionately known around FF&W as the “Paleo Hook.”

Want one? Prices are $20 for S – XL and $22 for 2XL – 3XL. Shipping varies by your location; figure $3 in the US, $5 to Canada, and $8 to everywhere else (jet fuel is expensive these days).

These tees are 100-percent cotton and are cut a bit “closer,” so if you like loose fits, consider going up a size. The color is “deep pool blue.”

NOTE: There is about a 2-week wait until I get these back from the screener, so figure the first week of December-ish (2012) before they can actually start to go out the door.



  1. mike schmidt says:

    I just happen to be wearing my salmon tee when I saw this today…only fitting that I order one up!

  2. Jakob says:

    Hi I was wondering if you still carried this shirt and if you would considering making repints of the one with the head of a steelhead on it (i think its called brown #1?).

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