Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 49_Royal Wulff


Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Royal Wulff. One of the quintessential flies of trout fishing. Jeff’s choice from a couple of weeks ago, and a great fly to draw or paint, in color or monotone.

Notes: This fly has so much color and texture that I felt like I wanted to have a little challenge and render it in monotone charcoal. I put my paints aside, but retained my Canson watecolor paper. The softly “pebbled” surface catches charcoal nicely and sounds good when I’m working on it. I decided to do a steelhead-style Wulff, given my current address in the Pacific Northwest.

The fly went very fast, with a lot of room left in the 30 minute time rule. Of course, I find that charcoal always does go quickly for me. I decided to take the image just over the line into fanciful, with a hackle that looks more like a mane, flowing out from the hook. I just like that looser interpretation versus the rigid flare that might be a more realistic representation.

I was less happy with the tail. It still works okay, but it seems just like a plain piece of average, everyday sketch-work to me. At least I hit the hook with one smooth curve and got a clean, sharp point despite the fat charcoal pencil.

Process: Charcoal (hard density) on Canson watercolor paper.

Available: Yes. Figure $25 shipped wherever. Paper is 9″ x 12″.

JK’s Image: Jeff’s Royal Wulff painting here. What can I say? It’s one of the most striking fly images I’ve ever seen. Impression and light effects all around. And in 30 minutes. It will not appeal to all eyes (art never seems to), but it deeply appeals to mine.

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