J.Borger Fly Fishing – The Story Begins


I grew up as a fly fisher, and fly fishing has shown me the deeply involved rhythms of water, land, and fish. Fly fishing has been a way in which I could lose my sense of time, but also a way to challenge myself so intensely that a second ticked by like a carefully watched hour. Fly fishing has taken me to movie sets and tent camps, and from jungles to the Arctic. My entire life story is steeped in the cast and the flow and the rise.

From those experiences comes my new brand, J.Borger Fly Fishing. It is a brand that speaks of my passion, as well as my personal desires for functionality and aesthetics in fly-fishing gear. It is a brand in which my hand is meant to be evident, and a brand that reflects my personal values.

More to come….


  1. Will says:

    Exciting news Jason. Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. Marc Fauvet says:

    Will’s comment sums it up best, Jason. can’t wait !

    cheers and best of everything for 2013 !

  3. Jay says:

    Wishing you lots of success with your new line of gear!
    Let me know when a hat comes along because I want one of those.

    Take care,
    (The Netherlands)

    • JB says:

      Hats are on the list, and I’ve managed to find a “made in USA” maker, as well. We’ll see when that will happen, but it would be great to see a few friends in The Netherlands wearing a logo cap.

  4. Dan Knox says:

    May the Lord prosper you in this new creative venture.

  5. Les Booth says:

    Jason .. this sounds truly interesting. There aren’t many members of the FFing community with your lineage and furrow and what it can bring to a commercial brand. I guess I’m just surprised it’s taken you this long! :)

    I eagerly await the reveal of your offerings. I will expect it to be unique and extraordinary. Best success.


  6. Deb Freele says:

    I love the logo Jason. Really classy! I hope the branding works out well for you.

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