SHFC Update – December 22


This beast of a book continues to fill out. I’ve been going through and adding bits and pieces of what I call “intent and application.” This are short intros to certain skill sets that better define, well, the intent and application of each skill before digging into the physical meat of the instruction. It’s small stuff, but I feel that it helps, and sweating the small stuff is what makes things better (or so they say). There’s a lot of sweat either way, actually, but I think that intent and application are important concepts to grasp before just charging in. At least that’s what I’ve found over the years in teaching casting-for-fishing.

The hauling chapter is pretty much wrapped up now, too, which definitely pleases me. I have a bit of intent/application to fill in there, but that’s minor. So, another one down, and one step closer….

If you’re just joining us here at FF&W and are interested in getting on the reservation list for the 1.001 hardcovers of this book that will be available, check out this post.

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