Wild Pixels and “The Angler as Predator”


Today’s story problem: GB is in sunny, warm Argentina catching numerous large brown trout. I am in the rainy Pacific Northwest, herding obstinate pixels. Which one of us is having more fun?

While you ponder the answer, I’ll just let you know that The Angler as Predator, the next book in the “Fly Fishing” series, is almost done. GB is due back on the 19th and he’ll have a finished file to look over and approve for press.

GB has also informed me that he finished up the text for Fly Gear on his way down to South America, so I’ll be moving right into that after TAaP is out of the way. Somewhere in the mix I also have a new casting book of my own to get done and a new rod brand to contend with. I do these things to myself for some brutal reason.

I’ll get an except from TAaP up here shortly. In the meantime, I hear the thundering hooves of wild pixels out on the range….


  1. Aitor says:

    That’s great… but, please, finish “Single-Handed Fly casting”!! :-D

    • JB says:

      Aitor—YES! I have made some significant inroads on that front, after one more (smaller) reorganization. The book has so much going on that I’ve really had to re-think the way that I flow the info. I am hoping that I finally have it right, and that the text works for more than just us geeks! I owe you an email, so I’ll be in touch about SHFC anyway.

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