Gorging with Ronan


As many FF&W readers know, Paul Arden’s Sexyloops.com is *the* English-language destination for technical fly-casting discussion (via the SL bulletin board) on the Web. What many may not know is that it also hosts a blog, written primarily by Ronan Creane.

If you dig real-deal, adventure style fly fishing in NZ (who doesn’t?) then you should be reading Ronan. His recent series on fishing out-the-way gorges in NZ has me feeling a little crazy. Of all the days I’ve ever had in NZ, two of the top three were in out-of-the-way gorges that required real effort to get into (but worth every sand fly bite).

If Ronan’s post don’t get your blood pumping, check to make sure you still have a pulse.



  1. Ronan Creane says:

    It was worth every mission! Gorges are addictive.. The pinnacle of NZ fishing I believe.

    • JB says:

      I’m looking forward to your next post, Ronan. Am going to go back through the last few again anyway. I can feel myself in those places and they are giving me a difficult case of angling wanderlust.

      • Ronan Creane says:

        The season has just ended on the gorge rivers that I fished! I’ll have some more gorge stuff in the next post but not much.. Winter fishing has a lot to offer over here, especially later on when many fish congregate at river mouths. The season never really ends!

  2. Ronan Creane says:

    Also, I like that picture! Inspired by one of those gorge fish? It looks like one.

    • JB says:

      That fish is actually an Argentinian sea-run brown, but you could sub it n for a gorge fish quite easily, yes (although that sea run was in the low 20s or so for weight). I also tossed a ‘bow up here, too, one from an art project that had me remembering some NZ days long past.

  3. con o flynn says:

    Ronan loved your blog and videos have seen them all.Also practicing my casting for my big trip over.

    • Ronan Creane says:

      That’s great Con. The first cast to a fish is the most critical one so accuracy is most important. Distance is rarely needed for sight fishing over here. Practice first time accuracy between 30 and 60 feet. Nail this down and your half way there!

  4. Todd Blue says:

    Thanks for killing the work productivity today guys!
    Wow! Ronan’s blog should be illegal.

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