SHFC Update — August 11


I am continuing to flail away on SHFC, grabbing writing time as I can. Everything that I plan on including in the book is in the book, but not fully fleshed out. Some chapters are about 97-percent, others are more like 67-percent. It’s the 67-percenters that I am focusing on right now, including the D-Loop chapter (Rolls and Speys).

Since I re-wrote the intro chapters to the book last year, I am in a situation where I also have to propagate some of what I discuss there into the rest of the text. Neither simple nor quick, I’m afraid. I also have to double/triple/quadruple check what I write against the actual casts themselves. The way I see it, this book has to have the details, not just a general “do it like this, and good luck.” In order to get the details in place in a way that makes them useful information, one has to cast then write, then cast again then write again, then do that some more, then…you get the idea.

After I printed Nature of Fly Casting all those years ago, I found about 10 pages of hand-written notes that I forgot to include. They were lurking in an unmarked folder within another folder in another drawer, and…. I fully expect the same thing to happen this time, but I am hoping that I will go over each section with enough new detail that I can make some of those misplaced/forgotten notes irrelevant.

I then have the issue of photos. I know where I am going to do them and how I am going to do them, I just need to go and do them. I will shoot once the summer season has passed and I can get more open water. Fortunately, I am quick in Photoshop and InDesign, and the pics should move along at a decent clip. I am still optimistic for an end-of-2013 finish, with the print run soon after that (figure that I’ll let the book sit for two extra weeks so I can check it over again, then six weeks for the press). The best laid plans can still go sideways, but that’s where I am at right now.

And a special thanks to all who have pre-pre-ordered SHFC. The list is filling up and I am hoping that all 1,001 books will be spoken for at about the same time that thing is actually available.


  1. Lars Bentsen says:

    That’ll make an awesome New Year’s present from myself to myself :-)

    Really looking forward to it!


  2. Peter Gilding says:

    Hello Jason, thanks for the update on the book. You take your time now and it will all jell into the opus you want it to be. All the best and thanks for all what you do…


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