It’s Getting There


Sitting in the warm Oregon sun, working my way through the master list of “writing to do” in Single-Handed Fly Casting. Almost to the point where I can check off the last two major boxes in the Angled Casts chapter, then I’ll aim for the remaining two boxes in the 3-D Casts chapter. The Gear Prologue plus chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 12 have this written next to them: Done. Once all of the chapters have that same word next to them, they’ll get a pass to add figure numbers. Then they’ll get a pass to make sure they all still make sense!


  1. Dan Knox says:

    I’ve been checking your website regularly to see what the latest developments are with your hand and with your projects. Some Oregon springtime sun sounds like a good tonic. All the best to you.


  2. JB says:

    Thanks, Dan. Hand feels about 100-percent now, book feels like I have it under control, and the fish are rising. That’s three good things all at once.

  3. matt says:

    Glad to hear things are coming along, both with the book and the hand. If you ever need a body double for the “doing it wrong” pictures, I’m available…

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