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Christmas Spey (2010)

A little look back at a holiday fly from another time. “Christmas Spey” from the 2010 DF52 project.

SC20 / 04

SC20 / 04 as photographed by Polara Studio. Detailed view here.

AMFF — Angling & Art Benefit

I recently  completed three smaller watercolors for the American Museum of Fly Fishing’s upcoming Angling and Art benefit sale. With the schedule I have been attempting to keep, I painted the pieces quickly and with a more open, perhaps slightly expressionist hand in some areas (orange water? My mind likes the way it feels, so […]

A New Angle

Can’t believe I’ve off the blog for a month, but I’ve been barely keeping my head above water, so to speak. Among many things, I’ve been painting. Just finishing up a bigger piece tonight, and thought I’d take a few pix before I completed the background. On a whim I decided to shoot wide-angle at […]

Drawing Fish 52 (2012) Revisited – Tarpon

This first made an appearance during the Drawing Fish & Flies 52 project from a couple of years back, and I still like how it turned out. It was second of two tarpon images from that week in March, 2012. You can read the full, archived DF52 post here.

Drawing Fish 52 (2011) Revisited – Brook Trout

A little look back at what I was doing two years ago this week with the Drawing Fish 52 project (along with Jeff Kennedy). The week’s subject matter was a brook trout and the image below was my take on it in 30 minutes or less. I have included some of the original text from […]

DF52 (2011) Pumpkinseed Revisited

A little look back to 2011 and the Drawing Fish 52 project. This was the fish from the second week of January. I’ve posted the text as well as the image. In the time since, this image went to a reader who had a passion for panfish. Growing up in Wisconsin, I fished not only […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 51_Christmas Spey

A little look back at a holiday fly from another time. “Christmas Spey” from the 2010 DF52 project.

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 50_Popsicle

Click the image for a better look. Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Popsicle. One of the quintessential flies of Alaskan fishing (a modern-day classic from George Cook). My choice from last week (I am behind a week, obviously). Like the Royal Wulff from week 49, this is a great fly to draw or paint. Notes: This fly has […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 49_Royal Wulff

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Royal Wulff. One of the quintessential flies of trout fishing. Jeff’s choice from a couple of weeks ago, and a great fly to draw or paint, in color or monotone. Notes: This fly has so much color and texture that I felt like I wanted to have a little challenge and […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 47_OR Albacore

DF&F52 Oregon Albacore. Finally back on track with the DF&F52 project. Had to skip a few weeks in there due to so much time pressure on this end. Got a solid four hours of sleep last night, though! The world is coming back into focus…. This is an albacore caught of the Oregon coast by […]

Tees are BACK!

This is a mock-up of what would be about a size medium or large. The actual tee you get might not look exactly like this (especially the largest sizes). Don’t worry, you’ll be ironically fashionable either way. They’ve been on hiatus for a while, but tees are back at FF&W! Want to be the cool […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 42_Parmachene Belle

DF&F52 Parmachene Belle. This is waaay late, but my still-fresh daughter, Brooke, has me playing catch-up these days. In any case, this is Brooke’s signature fly now, ever since this post some months back. I did this piece as Brooke and Kel were snoozing. A quick fly in a moment of quiet. Notes: I wanted […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 41_Green-Butt Skunk

DF&F52 Green-Butt Skunk. My little pre-term daughter, Brooke, has kept me busy these last days, but I wanted to at least do something DF&F52 related. This is a bit of a cheat, since it is based on an image of a Green-Butt Skunk that I already had floating around for a book project. None-the-less, it’s […]