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Trouty Collage

Was going back through a bunch of art files on my computer and realized that I never posted this (that I can remember). It’s a piece I put together a while back for a European fly festival poster. It also ended up in an issue of Trout Unlimited‘s “Trout” magazine. It’s basically all fish drawn/painted in 30 minutes […]

Drawing Fish 52 (2012) Revisited – Tarpon

This first made an appearance during the Drawing Fish & Flies 52 project from a couple of years back, and I still like how it turned out. It was second of two tarpon images from that week in March, 2012. You can read the full, archived DF52 post here.

Drawing Fish 52 (2011) Revisited – Brook Trout

A little look back at what I was doing two years ago this week with the Drawing Fish 52 project (along with Jeff Kennedy). The week’s subject matter was a brook trout and the image below was my take on it in 30 minutes or less. I have included some of the original text from […]

DF52 (2011) Pumpkinseed Revisited

A little look back to 2011 and the Drawing Fish 52 project. This was the fish from the second week of January. I’ve posted the text as well as the image. In the time since, this image went to a reader who had a passion for panfish. Growing up in Wisconsin, I fished not only […]

The DF52 2011 Collection

Just like Monday’s DF52 2010 collection, this is a screen grab straight from Photoshop. In this case, it’s a grab showing the entire DF 52 2011 collection of images. As before, I liked the collage and figured it would at least make for good blog filler. If you happen to like it, too, click on […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 52_Silver Trout

Drawing Fish 52 silver trout (extinct). Wanted to end the year with a fish that exists now only in literature and in the eye of angling artists. I went with a fish that has some of the shape and color that I might imagine in a fine specimen, but also went with enough additional “olde tyme” […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 51_Aurora Trout

Drawing Fish 52 Aurora Trout. A very close relative of the brook trout, this little-known fish makes for some good painting opportunities. Went with a overly saturated aurora theme like week 49’s Greenland char. The colors and shapes of the fish flash and streak above a sparsely forested tundra foreground that surrounds a small lake. […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 50_Payara

DF52 Payara. Wanted something that felt like a prehistoric or even alien nightmare. A fish that the fossil record might reveal, a fish that has a singular, unwavering purpose, a fish that might have been beamed in from another galaxy. The fact that you can go and catch these on flies makes the image feel […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 49_Greenland Char

DF52 Greenland char. Only a week late. No excuses, just feeling a little tired. Went for a look of night and aurora, and the shape of fins and spots. Tough piece to paint due to the charcoal drawing (charcoal is all too easily turned into “watercolor”). I like this approach, but would prefer, I think, […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 48_TroutSalmonChar

After Jeff’s brutal week 47 (he mumbled something about 30-hours straight when we talked on the phone yesterday), we decided that today’s fish was to be whatever we wanted—anything goes! I decided to do a rather general “salmonid.” In other words, a fish that could be a lot of fish: trout, salmon, char, whatever falls […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 47_Marble Trout

Forgive the image quality, had to get this into my system using a point-and-shoot instead of my usual scanner. This one is for my friends in Europe, in particular those of you in the northern Adriatic area (and your gorgeous, jewel-like waters). I like the marble trout for a a number of reasons, not the […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 46_Barracuda

So, I was just sitting here working on the latest book project and Kel pops her head in and asks, “Where’s your barracuda?” To which I replied, “Barra…?” Yeah, out of sight, out of brush, or some other BS like that. Anyway, 30 speed-brush minutes later, here you go. This ‘cuda is based on one […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 45_Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)

Drawing Flies 52 dorado (mahi-mahi). Had to go digital on this one, since it was the only way I could get the effects I was after quickly enough (and without splattering my office with paint). Notes: For this fish, I was working in Adobe Illustrator start-to-finish. To save myself some time, I grabbed a number […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 44_Snook

DF52 snook. Decided to go for pure form this time. A few minutes in Illustrator and done. Not all DF52 fish need to go the full 30!