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Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 51_Christmas Spey

A little look back at a holiday fly from another time. “Christmas Spey” from the 2010 DF52 project.

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 50_Popsicle

Click the image for a better look. Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Popsicle. One of the quintessential flies of Alaskan fishing (a modern-day classic from George Cook). My choice from last week (I am behind a week, obviously). Like the Royal Wulff from week 49, this is a great fly to draw or paint. Notes: This fly has […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 49_Royal Wulff

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Royal Wulff. One of the quintessential flies of trout fishing. Jeff’s choice from a couple of weeks ago, and a great fly to draw or paint, in color or monotone. Notes: This fly has so much color and texture that I felt like I wanted to have a little challenge and […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 47_OR Albacore

DF&F52 Oregon Albacore. Finally back on track with the DF&F52 project. Had to skip a few weeks in there due to so much time pressure on this end. Got a solid four hours of sleep last night, though! The world is coming back into focus…. This is an albacore caught of the Oregon coast by […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 42_Parmachene Belle

DF&F52 Parmachene Belle. This is waaay late, but my still-fresh daughter, Brooke, has me playing catch-up these days. In any case, this is Brooke’s signature fly now, ever since this post some months back. I did this piece as Brooke and Kel were snoozing. A quick fly in a moment of quiet. Notes: I wanted […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 41_Green-Butt Skunk

DF&F52 Green-Butt Skunk. My little pre-term daughter, Brooke, has kept me busy these last days, but I wanted to at least do something DF&F52 related. This is a bit of a cheat, since it is based on an image of a Green-Butt Skunk that I already had floating around for a book project. None-the-less, it’s […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 38_King Salmon

DF&F52 King Salmon. My choice this week, and I wanted to connect to the up-and-down of the king salmon run in Alaska this season. Notes: I got behind this weekend (been working on a rather large chunk of how-to writing these days). Then, after I saw Jeff’s DF&F52 piece for the week, I had to run […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 37_Driftless Brown

DF&F52 Driftless Brown. My choice this week, and a fish from a region of the Upper Midwest to which both Jeff and I have a connection. Notes: Wanted to go digital again this week, and wanted to keep it fairly abstract. So, gradient rectangles with feathered ellipses it was. All about shape and color, with […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 36_Purple Brat

DF&F52 Purple Brat. Jeff’s choice this week, and he decided to stay with the steelhead theme (fly this time, though). He went paint, I went pixels. Notes: I had two images in my head when I thought about how to approach this fly. One was charcoal with watercolor, the other was pretty much what you see […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 35_Steelhead

Welcome back to Drawing Fish & Flies 52 (2012). DF&F52 Steelhead. Painted while here in central Oregon where an anadromous fish restoration project is underway on a local small stream. Pretty interesting work that is going on, and part of it involves re-channeling the stream back to its original, semi-forgotten flow. Notes: I really am liking […]

DF&F 52 (2012) Starts Again on Saturday

Saturday is September 1st, and Jeff Kennedy and I felt it would be a good day to start up the Drawing Fish & Flies 52 project once again. Our subject matter will be a steelhead, and the rules will be the same: pick a subject, work on it for 30 minutes max, end of rules. […]

Al Troth Has Died

I just heard that Al Troth passed away last week. For those readers who may not be familiar with Al’s name, if you’ve ever used an Elk Hair Caddis, you should pour a sip for him. Being the age that I am, I was in a seemingly ideal (and fortunate) place in my youth to […]

Taking a Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Hiatus

After two-and-a-half years of painting every week on a set schedule with a set subject, Jeff Kennedy and I both decided that we needed a bit of time away from our DF&F52 work. Toss in some important summer projects that each of us really wants to get done, and we felt that a DF&F 52 […]

DF&F 52 – 19_Smoky Brookie

  Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Smoky Brookie. An abstract piece that simply recalls the watery, translucent, gem-like qualities of a brook trout flank (in this case, a brook trout flank from America’s Smoky Mountains). Notes: Wanted something that was abstract, but still had a familiar sense of structure, orientation and color relationship. Went with hues […]