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Writing is Done!

So, after about 17 revisions (really), the beast has all its words. It will lose some in the final edit, but at least I’m not looking to add a bunch more. Into the pics next (already have some done), and then layout. Will do the final clean-up after that to get it all looking more or […]

Borgie’s Blaster

The rod I’ll be using for photography for my in-progress Single-Handed Fly Casting book. White with black wraps and basic black reel seat. Built for me using an SC20 blank by my good friends down the road at C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Co.. The “Blaster” name was unexpected, but Kerry (the “C.F.” in C.F. Burkheimer) has […]

It’s Getting There

Sitting in the warm Oregon sun, working my way through the master list of “writing to do” in Single-Handed Fly Casting. Almost to the point where I can check off the last two major boxes in the Angled Casts chapter, then I’ll aim for the remaining two boxes in the 3-D Casts chapter. The Gear […]

SHFC Update — August 11

I am continuing to flail away on SHFC, grabbing writing time as I can. Everything that I plan on including in the book is in the book, but not fully fleshed out. Some chapters are about 97-percent, others are more like 67-percent. It’s the 67-percenters that I am focusing on right now, including the D-Loop […]

SHFC Update – December 22

This beast of a book continues to fill out. I’ve been going through and adding bits and pieces of what I call “intent and application.” This are short intros to certain skill sets that better define, well, the intent and application of each skill before digging into the physical meat of the instruction. It’s small […]

Another Geeky Vid (with Hauling)

To add to the visuals of the previous videos, here is another from a motion-capture (mo-cap) session I did a few years back. This is a shorter cast, but it still is revealing about haul timing and so forth. Since this is mo-cap, the “video” is really just computer output of the reflective marker balls […]

Two Vids for the Casting Geeks

Been a while since I last posted hard-core, technical fly-casting vids, so here you go. These are two 500 frame-per-second videos from my good friend, and occasional co-author, Grunde Løvoll (the caster is Mathias Lilleheim). These focus on the backcast of an extreme distance style of casting. I will add a few more notes later, […]

SHFC Update – November 6

Single-Handed Fly Casting continues to take shape. This last week saw me refining the organization more, with a new appendix devoted to fly-casting technology (the technology used to study fly casting, that is). I have also been working through the big chapter on the D-Loop casts (rolls and the greater Spey-family of casts). There have […]

SHFC Update – October 21

Even with a small (now 5-pound, 10-ounce) distraction named Brooke, Single-Handed Fly Casting continues to move toward completion. The book gained two unexpected chapters last week after I decided that Chapters One and Four were too long with too much lumping of info. I don’t know if any FF&W readers are interested in multiple 50-page chapters, […]

SHFC Update – September 29

So, I sat down to fill in “a few holes” in the mending chapter of Single-Handed Fly Casting. I jumped around in the chapter to make sure I touched on the most important bases and details for each mend. Then, I repaginated the thing. I now have nine full pages of *new* text (no photos/illustrations […]

“Nature of Fly Casting” is Dead

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a revised version of my Nature of Fly Casting book. As it turns out, I have actually been writing two fly casting books, I just didn’t realize it fully until last week. Originally, Nature of Fly Casting was a book that I wanted to really cover the […]

Portland Suburban Casting League – Nynja Squirrel Cast

Recently got myself the ability to shoot 1080p60 720p60 video on my phone—that’s 720 HD, but at double normal frame-rate, so it ends up being true 2X slo-mo. Decided that I needed to get some casting shots to see how the phone would work as a cheap-o high-speed video cam. As luck would have it, I […]

Alive and Castin’ (Again)

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] Apologies for a lousy series of blog posts these last few weeks. There has been much happening, and I’ve been scattered and distracted (at least as far as FF&W goes). You know you’re in over your head when you […]

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!