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Borgie’s Blaster

The rod I’ll be using for photography for my in-progress Single-Handed Fly Casting book. White with black wraps and basic black reel seat. Built for me using an SC20 blank by my good friends down the road at C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Co.. The “Blaster” name was unexpected, but Kerry (the “C.F.” in C.F. Burkheimer) has […]

TAaP = Done

Finally, The Angler as Predator (or TAaP to those of us waaaay too familiar with it) is done. I have some of the usual end-of-process clean-up in the Index file and then I need to generate the press PDFs, but all 208 pages are otherwise ready to go. Some readers may realize that 208 pages is long […]

Wild Pixels and “The Angler as Predator”

Today’s story problem: GB is in sunny, warm Argentina catching numerous large brown trout. I am in the rainy Pacific Northwest, herding obstinate pixels. Which one of us is having more fun? While you ponder the answer, I’ll just let you know that The Angler as Predator, the next book in the “Fly Fishing” series, is almost […]

“The Angler as Predator” Update – Dec 23

To say it has been a rather intense fall—and now offiicially winter—would be an understatement. But, every project that I’m working on has somehow managed to move forward, including the “Fly Fishing” book series collaboration with GB. The latest book is The Angler as Predator, and it has passed an important milestone. TAaP is now through […]

A Little CFB/JB Update…

As many of you likely know by now, I’m throwin’ soul with the crew over at C.F. Burkheimer these days. Kerry (the main man) and I have been talking a lot recently about how we can do new things at CFB—such as producing an official CFB tee-shirt (*at last*). I designed one, Kerry liked it, […]

So…Bunyan Bug or Parmachene Belle?

Some readers wonder what I’ve been up to the last few months. I’ll tell you one thing: KEEPING A SECRET! That’s what. Unbelievably hard to do, but now that it’s Mother’s Day, a big reveal seems appropriate. Don’t know what Kel and I are getting yet, but it’s either a Bunyan Bug or a Parmachene Belle! […]

I’m Throwin’ Hand-Rolled Soul

I’m now officially on-board with the C.F. Burkheimer (CFB) Fly Rod Company, serving in an “Advisory Staff” role. Kerry (the “K” who is actually the “C” in C.F.) and I agreed at the end of last week to the particulars, and my mug is now up on CFB’s site. For those of you who don’t […]

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!

We Have a Winner! (J&FF Shadow Cast Competition)

Emerging from my private screening room after days of coffee- and Jujyfruit-fueled film viewing, I have declared a winner in the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition. I can’t reveal the winner until the gents over at J&FF post my review, but I can tell you that it was a close competition. Rarely have […]

Speaking of Shadow Casting, There’s This Contest…

[vimeo clip_id=”25882062″] Speaking of Shadow Casting (see the previous post), my friends over at Jazz & Fly Fishing have a little competition they are running through the summer. It involves Shadow Casting, videotaping, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek. Although Shadow Casting can be sometimes be *very serious* business, this contest is not. Of course, if […]

Trailing-Shuck Soft-Hackle on TieTalk

See that soft-hackle? Tie one just like that, but add a trailing shuck. Fish it dead-drift in the film (don’t be afraid of floatant if necessary). I did a quick tying piece for my friends over at “Field & Stream” magazine’s TieTalk (the tying alter ego of the FlyTalk blog). The subject is a trailing-shuck soft-hackle […]

3 Materials for 6 Midges

A little piece that I posted over at the FlyTalk blog. The post is no longer on the front page there, so I’m re-posting here (with bigger images and a few extra words). – – – – – – – – – – – Midges are the trout-angler’s constant. Regardless of what’s happening with other […]

FlyTalk: 3 Materials for 6 Midges

Assuming I got the materials to them in time today, there should be new fly-tying post up on “Field & Stream” magazine’s FlyTalk blog either tomorrow (Tuesday) or perhaps Thursday. The subject is “3 Materials for 6 Midges,” and covers some easy ways to use minimal materials to create simple, but effective patterns. No dedicated, […]

Latest at FlyTalk – Interlocking Wing

Just a quick note if you’re a tyer (or a tier, your choice on spelling). My friends over at “Field & Stream” magazine’s FlyTalk blog have posted a short how-to from me on the Interlocking Wing Technique. It’s a simple approach to durable wings that I really like for my own flies. Some of you […]