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The Oct/Nov 2011 E-List is Out in 3, 2, 1…

Yep, on its way all across the world. Check your email right about…now. Update: Looks like there were 8 hard bounces (that’s fancy-talk for “dead email addresses”). If you didn’t get your mailing, make sure your address is up-to-date in your profile (a link to your profile should be at the bottom of any previous […]

March 2011 E-List Has Gone Out

If you’re signed up for the FF&W E-List, check you inbox. The latest mailing was scheduled to go out at 12:00pm Pacific Time today. I hope that you enjoy the mailing, and thanks to everyone who is an E-List member. Update: Looking at 5 bounces immediately, up from 1 last time. That means that 5 […]

E-Listery – October 2010

The latest FF&W E-List mailing has gone out (late last night in the U.S.). I got a few bounces back my way, so if you didn’t get the mailing, you may want to double-check your address in your original subscribe emails (and check your junk folder, too). If you need to update your profile, you […]

FF&W E-List – October 2010

I’ve had a few people asking if they had missed any E-List mailings this summer. No, but I’ve missed one (or two). Sorry about that (to say things were busy this summer would be a monumental understatement). I have the October mailing on tap for later this week, and it will have some educational goodies, […]

FF&W E-List Member Survives Bear Attack

I had to triple-check her name, nickname and e-mail address, but it appears that Deb Freele, who is an FF&W reader and E-List member, was the woman who survived the bear attack near Yellowstone earlier this week. Despite suffering some serious bites and a broken arm (I hope it wasn’t her casting arm), Deb played […]

May/June 2010 E-List

I have three things to do this weekend: Get some water-time, do about 3298479857454 book illustrations, and finish the May/June 2010 E-List (not necessarily in that order). I’ll be sleeping between the hours of 2 and 4 in the morning. So, for those of you on the E-List, look for something in your in-boxes on […]

March/April E-List is Coming!

Yes, it’s coming soon! With some educational goodies (including a Fishing the Film book excerpt) and a “tax-break” give-away of a Nature of Fly Casting book or FF&W tee (winner’s choice). I fully realize that March/April could pretty soon be April/May, so I’m aiming to have it out by the weekend. Update: The E-List mailing […]

Parachute Mend (a/k/a Reach Up)

So for those on the E-List who got the latest mailing (Jan/Feb 2010), read the section on the Parachute Mend, and then said, “Nice, and thanks for not including a picture!” this post is for you. For those not on the E-List, this post is also for you (I like to be all-inclusive around here). […]

E-List Mailing (Jan/Feb 2010)

The FF&W E-List mailing for Jan/Feb 2010 has gone out (as of Sunday night). My analytics show no “bounces,” so the mailing should have reached everyone on the list. My concern is that overly aggressive spam-filters may catch it (even though it is designed to avoid those issues for the most part). If you are […]