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Friday Fish Fry – First Fish

If you read my last Friday Fish Fry post, you already know where this photo was taken. If not, this is from Squaw Creek in Montana’s Gallatin River drainage. It’s the first trout that I actually cast to myself and landed myself. My father had been training me in both aspects (as I had the […]

Friday (OK, Monday) Fish Fry – One From My Oldest Haunt

For those who have seen my “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout” slideshow, you already know this shot. For those who haven’t here’s a little history: In addition to being nearly microscopic, this little rainbow was my final trout of the day the last time my father I fished Montana’s Squaw Creek together. Squaw Creek, […]

Friday Fish Fry – NZ Boca ‘Bow

A Friday Fish Fry from days gone by. This is a New Zealand rainbow, taken where a small, really good trout river feeds into a large, really good trout lake. I think I was 15 in this shot (check out those old-school Seal-Dri waders!). Behind me you can just make out the “bar-and-slot” structure from which […]

Friday Fish Fry – A Cutthroat Remembered

This is Friday’s Fish Fry, served a bit cold on a Sunday night. It still has all of its memory attached, though. The trout involved is cutthroat that I caught on the Yellowstone River (in the Park) back in 1977. That would make me seven years old in this shot, and I remember the fish […]

Friday Fish Fry – Weedy Brownie

A shot taken at Vermejo Ranch in northern New Mexico. This brown was cruising a weed-choked lake shoreline, looking for damsels, snails, or whatever else might have seemed tasty. Vernejo is a place were you can find fish like this all day long, but especially in the morning hours of warm summer days.  I have […]

Friday Fish Fry – Grungy Steel

Steelhead, red marabou, and overkill with digital filters. I still like it in its own way, though. Has an almost phantasmagorical sense to it.

LF *Finally* Finished! (Plus the Friday Fish Fry)

It is done, approved and away from me at last. Yes, Long Flies (LF for short) is soon to be appearing in person at a fly shop, cataloger, internet site, or even a mailbox (if you are a Series Pass holder) near you. This thing took seemingly forever to complete, and as such, I’ll be into […]

Friday (Tuesday) Fish Fry – Tarpon Before the Storm

The delayed Friday Fish Fry from last week: “Tarpon Before the Storm.” This is a quick snap-shot of me videotaping a tarpon release in the northern Yucatan. Not long after this was taken, we realized that our 45-minute trip back to town had been bisected by the leading edge of a huge thunderstorm complex. The […]

Friday Fish Fry – Oregon Midsummer ‘Bow

This is an Oregon fish, a big-shouldered ‘bow sight fished on a little piece of water that I enjoy visiting now and again. The ‘bow was cruising slowly just off the bottom and sipped a little weighted Flashback PT that I had pitched into its cruising lane. The fish didn’t go slowly once we connected, […]

Friday Fish Fry – Upper Varzina Brown

From years back, on a trip to Russia’s Kola Peninsula. One of many browns that nudged the measuring tape well past the 20-inch mark. Went for a bit of funky photo filtering on this one, just because I felt like it. This was one of the last trips on which I used slide film as […]

Friday Fish Fry – “Long Flies” Cover Fish

Realized that I forgot to post this on Friday. Sitting in my “drafts” area, but never published, so here it is as a Friday/Sunday Fish Fry. And what is it, you ask? It’s the back-cover fish from the upcoming Long Flies book (GB’s latest), and it’s from GB’s most recent trip to Alaska. Looking at a number […]

Friday Fish Fry – Sutton River Brookie

With this week’s talk of big brook trout, I figured that a big brookie would be in order today. This is a Sutton River (Canada) fish caught by a much younger me. This fish was hardly the largest caught on that particular trip, but it still makes for some nice eye candy. Even better? Those […]

Friday Fish Fry – North Umpqua

No fish in today’s photo, just water (but I guarantee that there are fish in the photo, just not showing themselves above the water). This was taken on one of America’s crown-jewel rivers, the North Umpqua. If you’ve never been to or fished the North Umpqua, you need to do so at some point in […]

Friday Fish Fry – A Fishy Creek Somewhere

No actual fish in this one. I just like this as a candid “my girl and me” shot (thanks, Flynn). Kel’s working a drop-off (just to the left, off-camera) somewhere on some water someplace in western Montana. A few hours after this shot was taken, Kel made one of the most dead-on perfect Puddle Casts […]