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Gorging with Ronan

As many FF&W readers know, Paul Arden’s is *the* English-language destination for technical fly-casting discussion (via the SL bulletin board) on the Web. What many may not know is that it also hosts a blog, written primarily by Ronan Creane. If you dig real-deal, adventure style fly fishing in NZ (who doesn’t?) then you should […]

August Taimen Commission

The taimen commission I’ve been working on is finally finished. As you can see compared to the first layers of color from last week, much has changed! All of that color is still there, but it’s just a part of a much more complete whole now. For me, much of the life in a fish […]

A Taimen Gets Some Color

A little update on the taimen commission that I’ve been working through. Got in some time this morning to brush in some lighter hues and to add definition to a few areas, as well. Hoping to have the head finished by tomorrow night and then on to the body. What you see will be about […]

Henry’s Fork ‘Bow Commission

Remember that image above? It’s the underdrawing for a small, commissioned painting that I completed today. I decided to take a series of three shots that show the painting as it came together. This was a quick piece, more about capturing color and texture than attempts at watercolor photorealism. The shot above shows the painting […]

Nymphing for Kings

It’s July and despite a gorgeous Oregon summer, my mind is wandering to thoughts of Alaskan king salmon. I figure that since I likely won’t be in Alaska this season, I might as well post an article about fishing for kings (that may qualify as living vicariously through myself). The bulk of this was originally […]

Sunday Sketch – Henry’s Fork ‘Bow Underdrawing

Just a quick post related to a commission that I’m working through. This is the underdrawing for a little 5″ x 7″ watercolor. It’s not meant to be a high-quality drawing, just a basic outline for me to follow as I lay in water and pigment. A lot of this will vanish or be only […]

A Little “Long Flies” Excerpt (About Not-So-Little Brown Trout)

GB called me from the road today. He was just driving through Escanaba, Michigan on his way over to the Pere Marquette. I *really* miss that particular trip, and I was immediately wanting to be back on the shores of the Great Lakes. That, in turn, got me thinking about Great Lakes steelhead, salmon, and […]

Another “Long Flies” Excerpt

Just to keep the Long Flies vibe going, here’s another except from GB’s new book (which is subtitled Streamers, Bucktails & Other “Big Fish” Flies). If all goes as expected, I should have an actual tome in my hands by next week. This excerpt is from GB’s section on the “Baitfish from ‘L’” (a.k.a. “The […]

A “Long Flies” Excerpt

As many of you know, GB’s book, Long Flies is due back from the printer this week in finished form. To give the project a little boost, GB is currently making the title available at a special pre-release price of $25.00, postage paid (in the U.S., more for those readers elsewhere). The books are inscribed […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 07_Lake Trout

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Lake Trout. This is based a fish that GB caught during a fishing trip in Canada last year. Had it ready earlier, but got interrupted and had to come back to get it up on the blog this morning. Notes: This is one of my straightforward pencil outlines filled with watercolor. I […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 05_Bonefish

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Bonefish (Hawaiian). This is an image based on a photo sent to me by my friend and Hawaiian bonefishing guide Coach Duff. Coach has access to some of the consistently biggest bones on the planet, and he sent me a few dozen megabytes worth of fish pix last year for the […]

Merry Christmas 2011

A well-worn Christmas greeting, but since I’m a bit laid-up at the moment I had to dig into the archives for something pre-made. And in case you are wondering, yes, the above fish-size ratio still applied in 2011 (and yes, I still hold out hope to alter it in my favor in 2012).

Friday Fish Fry – “Long Flies” Cover Fish

Realized that I forgot to post this on Friday. Sitting in my “drafts” area, but never published, so here it is as a Friday/Sunday Fish Fry. And what is it, you ask? It’s the back-cover fish from the upcoming Long Flies book (GB’s latest), and it’s from GB’s most recent trip to Alaska. Looking at a number […]

Some September Small Stream Shots – Oregon

A few shots from the last fishing trip over the Cascades (after a drive through the smoke and ash on the pass). When Kel and I fish small streams, we often take a single rod and one vest or pack, filled with 17 times more gear than we need (hey, why not bring one’s entire […]