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First (Real) Casts Since August

That’s the hand enjoying better days. Some readers have been asking me what’s going on (such as, “Hey, you still breathin’?”), so I figure it’s about time that I resurface with an answer. Not long after the last post that I made here (August 11), I injured a tendon in my casting hand. Felt like […]

Gorging with Ronan

As many FF&W readers know, Paul Arden’s is *the* English-language destination for technical fly-casting discussion (via the SL bulletin board) on the Web. What many may not know is that it also hosts a blog, written primarily by Ronan Creane. If you dig real-deal, adventure style fly fishing in NZ (who doesn’t?) then you should […]

Friday Fish Fry – First Fish

If you read my last Friday Fish Fry post, you already know where this photo was taken. If not, this is from Squaw Creek in Montana’s Gallatin River drainage. It’s the first trout that I actually cast to myself and landed myself. My father had been training me in both aspects (as I had the […]

Random Monday Fishing Shot(s)

  My wife Kelley, working a run on Montana’s Gallatin. Liked the juxtaposition of fully-saturated color and a limited (6 tone) gray scale.

A Little Tenkara Talk at Tenkara Talk

Jason Klass over at Tenkara Talk has posted a short Q&A he did with me concerning tenkara fishing. If you have an interest in the tenkara gear/approach, take a read of Jason’s site (and the others he links to). I grew up fishing a rather large array of gear for a rather large array of fish, […]

Friday (OK, Monday) Fish Fry – One From My Oldest Haunt

For those who have seen my “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout” slideshow, you already know this shot. For those who haven’t here’s a little history: In addition to being nearly microscopic, this little rainbow was my final trout of the day the last time my father I fished Montana’s Squaw Creek together. Squaw Creek, […]

DF52 (2011) Pumpkinseed Revisited

A little look back to 2011 and the Drawing Fish 52 project. This was the fish from the second week of January. I’ve posted the text as well as the image. In the time since, this image went to a reader who had a passion for panfish. Growing up in Wisconsin, I fished not only […]

Brooke Alexis Borger

Some of you may have been wondering what happened here at FF&W. One minute I’m talking about the DF&F52 project, the next minute the blog isn’t updated in a week-plus. Well, I’ll tell you what happened: Brooke Alexis Borger She came a few weeks early and very suddenly, and there was no putting her back […]

DF52 (2010) – Week 39 Re-Post

I know that I’m late with last weekend’s DF&F 52 image. I will get it done, hopefully before week 40 is here. In the meantime, here is a re-post of the DF52 (2010) week 39 project. This one meant a lot to both Kelley and me and the rock sits on our fireplace mantel. ********** […]

Saturday Morning Art – “Brown & Dace” (From the Way-Back)

Well, this an old one. I made it on an artistic whim when I was living in a decidedly non-angling apartment in Los Angeles, post A River Runs Through It. I had thought the piece lost, but GB found it buried in the dark recesses of his secondary basement storage. It’s a bigger image, perhaps five […]

Tenkara Slim Goes for a Swim

My home-made Tenakra rod, “Slim,” went for swim last weekend. Actually I just threw him in butt first, and dragged his skinny carbon carcass back out a little ways downstream. To be fair, I suppose that I can’t call Slim a “true” Tenkara rod. He’s really a generalist “fixed line” rod. I can lash a […]

11:01 on a Monday Night, Writing About Casting

It’s 11:01 and I’m sitting on my front porch, laptop perched, listening to the waterfall next to me (man-made, admittedly, but its sound is much better than that of no waterfall). I’m writing about fly casting, trying to make sense of my thoughts surrounding what we do and how to express it with words like speed, […]

Smoky Streams

I am a bit of a map geek. Always have been. The big fold-out maps that came in Nat Geo issues were youthful favorites, and to me, a big, 3-D, raised-relief map is utterly engaging (especially if it involves creases and dents that reveal trout water). When I was back in Tennessee in May, working […]

Nymphing for Kings

It’s July and despite a gorgeous Oregon summer, my mind is wandering to thoughts of Alaskan king salmon. I figure that since I likely won’t be in Alaska this season, I might as well post an article about fishing for kings (that may qualify as living vicariously through myself). The bulk of this was originally […]