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Gorging with Ronan

As many FF&W readers know, Paul Arden’s is *the* English-language destination for technical fly-casting discussion (via the SL bulletin board) on the Web. What many may not know is that it also hosts a blog, written primarily by Ronan Creane. If you dig real-deal, adventure style fly fishing in NZ (who doesn’t?) then you should […]

Smoky Streams

I am a bit of a map geek. Always have been. The big fold-out maps that came in Nat Geo issues were youthful favorites, and to me, a big, 3-D, raised-relief map is utterly engaging (especially if it involves creases and dents that reveal trout water). When I was back in Tennessee in May, working […]

LF *Finally* Finished! (Plus the Friday Fish Fry)

It is done, approved and away from me at last. Yes, Long Flies (LF for short) is soon to be appearing in person at a fly shop, cataloger, internet site, or even a mailbox (if you are a Series Pass holder) near you. This thing took seemingly forever to complete, and as such, I’ll be into […]

Friday Fish Fry – Upper Varzina Brown

From years back, on a trip to Russia’s Kola Peninsula. One of many browns that nudged the measuring tape well past the 20-inch mark. Went for a bit of funky photo filtering on this one, just because I felt like it. This was one of the last trips on which I used slide film as […]

Blackberry Slideshow (November 2011)

As some of you know, I was back at Blackberry Farm over this last weekend. I always greatly enjoy my time at Blackberry, even when I’m working in support of an event (as I was this trip). While there was much more going at Blackberry than just some fishing—including flat-out fantastic (and up-close-and-personal) concerts with […]

Back at Blackberry

Have to run, but a quick post of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. More to follow when I can get some WiFi time….

Friday Fish Fry – Sutton River Brookie

With this week’s talk of big brook trout, I figured that a big brookie would be in order today. This is a Sutton River (Canada) fish caught by a much younger me. This fish was hardly the largest caught on that particular trip, but it still makes for some nice eye candy. Even better? Those […]

A Couple of Days at the Yamsi

I was gone most of last week, putting some dusty mileage on Oregon’s passes and backroads. One place I ended up was the Yamsi Ranch in southern Oregon. Some of my time was devoted to a fly-casting clinic, but the rest of my hours were spent exploring the section of the Williamson River that runs […]

Friday Fish Fry – North Umpqua

No fish in today’s photo, just water (but I guarantee that there are fish in the photo, just not showing themselves above the water). This was taken on one of America’s crown-jewel rivers, the North Umpqua. If you’ve never been to or fished the North Umpqua, you need to do so at some point in […]


Been gone, had no WiFi, finally back. Below shows some of what Kel and I were up to. More to follow later today (including some Tenkara-style action).

Fishing the Leadville 100

I’ve had the Leadville 100 ultra-marathon mountain bike race on in the background as I work at home today, painting and writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, you can find out more here (check the start altitude and the pass elevations. Oh yeah, also check out some of the athletes who have […]

Swinging Soft-Hackles and Rain on Junipers

As some of you know, I don’t tend to blog a lot about my actual fishing in “real time.” Fishing is often a rather personal affair for me, and I typically use fishing events to later enhance “how-to” pieces and so forth some time after the fact. This week, though, I wanted to do an […]

Great Lakes Carpin’ @ FlyTalk

GB with a “golden bone.” Decided to use this scandalous pic hero-shot of GB after I, um, “couldn’t find” any shots of myself with such a magnificent critter. Looks like my friends over at “Field & Stream” magazine’s FlyTalk blog recently had some sweet carp-fishing action on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island. When I was still […]

(The New) Deschutes River Camp – Pix

Friend and now shop-owner, Matt Paluch, has been busting it hard to get the old Deschutes River Camp back into shape for a new season. He picked up the Camp relatively recently, and invited me down to see what was going on and to do a day of casting clinics. When I arrived on Thursday […]