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Fish, Film & Water (The Way of a Trout)

A slightly edited re-post from 2009. A film I watched so many times in my youth, photographed in place I used to visit every spring. Those days are very long gone, but watching this still brings me back with intense clarity … – – – – – – – – As a kid, I had […]

Autumn Wisco Musky

With fall mere hours away here in the Northern Hemisphere, I got to thinking about my old home state of Wisconsin and its signature fish, the Muskellunge. A cool fish to catch, even cooler on a fly rod. With the thoughts of autumn colors, the scent of fallen leaves, and the flow of tannic waters in my […]

A (Vector) Cutthroat Revisited

This is a little vector-art piece I did as part of the Drawing Fish 52 project (with Jeff Kennedy). It’s a representation of a Rio Grande cutthroat and one of the streams of its native habitat (Costilla #1 in northern New Mexico). Costilla #1 flows from Colorado into New Mexico on the Vermejo Park Ranch property, and […]

She in Me, Me in Her

On the left is me on the banks of Idaho’s Henry’s Fork in 1972. On the right is my daughter, Brooke, on the banks of Washington’s Columbia in 2014. When I saw her in the grass and flowers it was such a powerful moment. She was me and I was her. Even the rivers on […]

Friday Fish Fry – First Fish

If you read my last Friday Fish Fry post, you already know where this photo was taken. If not, this is from Squaw Creek in Montana’s Gallatin River drainage. It’s the first trout that I actually cast to myself and landed myself. My father had been training me in both aspects (as I had the […]

Friday (OK, Monday) Fish Fry – One From My Oldest Haunt

For those who have seen my “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout” slideshow, you already know this shot. For those who haven’t here’s a little history: In addition to being nearly microscopic, this little rainbow was my final trout of the day the last time my father I fished Montana’s Squaw Creek together. Squaw Creek, […]

DF52 (2010) – Week 39 Re-Post

I know that I’m late with last weekend’s DF&F 52 image. I will get it done, hopefully before week 40 is here. In the meantime, here is a re-post of the DF52 (2010) week 39 project. This one meant a lot to both Kelley and me and the rock sits on our fireplace mantel. ********** […]

Saturday Morning Art – “Brown & Dace” (From the Way-Back)

Well, this an old one. I made it on an artistic whim when I was living in a decidedly non-angling apartment in Los Angeles, post A River Runs Through It. I had thought the piece lost, but GB found it buried in the dark recesses of his secondary basement storage. It’s a bigger image, perhaps five […]

11:01 on a Monday Night, Writing About Casting

It’s 11:01 and I’m sitting on my front porch, laptop perched, listening to the waterfall next to me (man-made, admittedly, but its sound is much better than that of no waterfall). I’m writing about fly casting, trying to make sense of my thoughts surrounding what we do and how to express it with words like speed, […]

Friday Fish Fry – A Cutthroat Remembered

This is Friday’s Fish Fry, served a bit cold on a Sunday night. It still has all of its memory attached, though. The trout involved is cutthroat that I caught on the Yellowstone River (in the Park) back in 1977. That would make me seven years old in this shot, and I remember the fish […]

DF&F 52 – 13_Permit

Update: Steelhead is the next DF&F52 on tap for the weekend. Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Permit. In honor of Jose Wejebe. Notes: Wanted something simple, yet evocative for this piece. Nothing more than a flagging tail, a reflection, and the hint of a waterline. This piece deliberately has no edges or visual constraints other than […]

Pour a Sip for Sage…

This little post is in honor of Sage (seen above, peering over my shoulder with his well-practiced—and very effective—”sad eyes look”). He passed away over the weekend. Sage was the beloved dog of a very close friend in Montana, and he has appeared before on this blog as part of various angling adventures. Sage, in all of […]

Monday Fish Fry – Black-Water Brown

Another quick pic to provide a little fish eye-candy here at FF&W. This is a shot I took many years ago, when film was what you put into cameras instead of SD cards. This brown was caught on Bartlett Lake on the Vermejo Ranch property. The combination of the overhead sky and the low angle […]

Friday Fish Fry – A Fishy Creek Somewhere

No actual fish in this one. I just like this as a candid “my girl and me” shot (thanks, Flynn). Kel’s working a drop-off (just to the left, off-camera) somewhere on some water someplace in western Montana. A few hours after this shot was taken, Kel made one of the most dead-on perfect Puddle Casts […]