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A Bit of Tenkara Brushwork

Had the watercolors and a brush out this last week. Did two Sakasa Kebari in Payne’s Gray (with a dot of Quinacridone Red) on some 140 lb Canson cold press. One (the “rounded,” at the top) went out as a commission. The other (the “sleek,” at the bottom) is available. 6 x 9 inches; $40 shipped. Shoot me an […]

Christmas Spey (2010)

A little look back at a holiday fly from another time. “Christmas Spey” from the 2010 DF52 project.

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 51_Christmas Spey

A little look back at a holiday fly from another time. “Christmas Spey” from the 2010 DF52 project.

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 50_Popsicle

Click the image for a better look. Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Popsicle. One of the quintessential flies of Alaskan fishing (a modern-day classic from George Cook). My choice from last week (I am behind a week, obviously). Like the Royal Wulff from week 49, this is a great fly to draw or paint. Notes: This fly has […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 49_Royal Wulff

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Royal Wulff. One of the quintessential flies of trout fishing. Jeff’s choice from a couple of weeks ago, and a great fly to draw or paint, in color or monotone. Notes: This fly has so much color and texture that I felt like I wanted to have a little challenge and […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 42_Parmachene Belle

DF&F52 Parmachene Belle. This is waaay late, but my still-fresh daughter, Brooke, has me playing catch-up these days. In any case, this is Brooke’s signature fly now, ever since this post some months back. I did this piece as Brooke and Kel were snoozing. A quick fly in a moment of quiet. Notes: I wanted […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 41_Green-Butt Skunk

DF&F52 Green-Butt Skunk. My little pre-term daughter, Brooke, has kept me busy these last days, but I wanted to at least do something DF&F52 related. This is a bit of a cheat, since it is based on an image of a Green-Butt Skunk that I already had floating around for a book project. None-the-less, it’s […]

DF52 (2010) – Week 39 Re-Post

I know that I’m late with last weekend’s DF&F 52 image. I will get it done, hopefully before week 40 is here. In the meantime, here is a re-post of the DF52 (2010) week 39 project. This one meant a lot to both Kelley and me and the rock sits on our fireplace mantel. ********** […]

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 – 36_Purple Brat

DF&F52 Purple Brat. Jeff’s choice this week, and he decided to stay with the steelhead theme (fly this time, though). He went paint, I went pixels. Notes: I had two images in my head when I thought about how to approach this fly. One was charcoal with watercolor, the other was pretty much what you see […]

DF&F 52 – 18_Mother’s Day Caddis

Posting from my phone so I’ll keep it short. Mother’s Day DF&F 52 Caddis. Moleskine sketchbook, pencil and watercolor with water from the Great Smoky Mountains. This is last week’s fly and I owe a brook trout—that’s coming up…

DF&F 52 – 16_Steelhead Fly

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Steelhead Fly. Generic steelhead fly form, following whatever popped into my head as I drew. Notes: After burning much of my 30 minutes on what I felt was garbage, I had to come up with *something* that was interesting. I ended up with a drawing that is part pencil sketch, […]

DF&F 52 – 12_Flashback Hare’s Ear

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Flashback Hare’s Ear. Went fly-only again this week with another classic pattern (that has a slightly modern update with the “flash” part). Notes: Wanted something to act as a nymph match for last week’s dry Adams, so went for a simple, clean profile in liquid charcoal. This was painted even faster than […]

DF&F 52 – 12_Adams

Update: Flashback Hare’s Ear Nymph is on deck for this coming Saturday (April 7). Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Adams. Went for fly-only this week, at Jeff’s suggestion. The Adams is one of those classic flies that will always work somewhere, sometime. I have often threatened to tie one in tarpon-size, just to chase some […]

DF&F 52 – 10_Bluegill

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Bluegill. Loved catching ‘gills as a kid. Still love it. Perhaps I’m known more as a “trout and salmon guy,” but if it swims and will take a fly, I’ll cast to it. That includes panfish of all kinds, as well as carp, gar, and other “rough” fish. Little bluegills on […]