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First (Real) Casts Since August

That’s the hand enjoying better days. Some readers have been asking me what’s going on (such as, “Hey, you still breathin’?”), so I figure it’s about time that I resurface with an answer. Not long after the last post that I made here (August 11), I injured a tendon in my casting hand. Felt like […]

The J.BFF Weekend Update

A few notes on J.BFF projects that are in the works: The early arrival of my little daughter, Brooke, put a multi-month slow-down on my upcoming Single-Handed Fly Casting book, but I’m finally getting back to filling in the blank areas once again. Also trying to get a good handle on shipping costs, using my […]

J.Borger Fly Fishing – The Story Begins

I grew up as a fly fisher, and fly fishing has shown me the deeply involved rhythms of water, land, and fish. Fly fishing has been a way in which I could lose my sense of time, but also a way to challenge myself so intensely that a second ticked by like a carefully watched […]

Brooke Alexis Borger

Some of you may have been wondering what happened here at FF&W. One minute I’m talking about the DF&F52 project, the next minute the blog isn’t updated in a week-plus. Well, I’ll tell you what happened: Brooke Alexis Borger She came a few weeks early and very suddenly, and there was no putting her back […]

Taking a Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Hiatus

After two-and-a-half years of painting every week on a set schedule with a set subject, Jeff Kennedy and I both decided that we needed a bit of time away from our DF&F52 work. Toss in some important summer projects that each of us really wants to get done, and we felt that a DF&F 52 […]

So…Bunyan Bug or Parmachene Belle?

Some readers wonder what I’ve been up to the last few months. I’ll tell you one thing: KEEPING A SECRET! That’s what. Unbelievably hard to do, but now that it’s Mother’s Day, a big reveal seems appropriate. Don’t know what Kel and I are getting yet, but it’s either a Bunyan Bug or a Parmachene Belle! […]

Saturday’s DF&F 52 is for Jose

This Saturday’s DF&F 52 image will be in honor of Jose Wejebe, who, as many of you likely know by now, was killed while piloting his airplane last Friday. Considering Jose’s saltwater background, Jeff and I will be doing a permit, a fish that many anglers view as the ultimate flats prize.

“Long Flies” Table of Contents

Long Flies is officially on its way from the printer. I’m supposed to have a few books myself come Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, GB has posted the Table of Contents over at his blog. If you have an interest in seeing what the book contains, point your web browser here. And for those […]

Alive and Castin’ (Again)

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] Apologies for a lousy series of blog posts these last few weeks. There has been much happening, and I’ve been scattered and distracted (at least as far as FF&W goes). You know you’re in over your head when you […]

“Long Flies” Due April 6

Not quite hot off the presses just yet, but getting close…

LF *Finally* Finished! (Plus the Friday Fish Fry)

It is done, approved and away from me at last. Yes, Long Flies (LF for short) is soon to be appearing in person at a fly shop, cataloger, internet site, or even a mailbox (if you are a Series Pass holder) near you. This thing took seemingly forever to complete, and as such, I’ll be into […]

Alive and Castin’

For the few readers who have been wondering, yes, I am still around. I’ve just had a rather intense last 10 days or so (you should see the untamed wasteland that is currently my neglected email inbox). Today will see this week’s DF52 tarpon posted. I also have a pile of half-written other posts that […]

“Long Flies” is *Almost* Ready

Well, that took a lot longer than anyone expected—me included. The end is in sight, though, and GB’s Long Flies book appears to be in a form that will be ready for press by the end of the week. This is the first book in GB’s “Fly Fishing” series that will have a color section, and […]

Heads-up: DF&F 52 – Sat., Feb. 11, 2012

Be thinking (and painting) a striped bass and/or a Deceiver. Artist’s choice. Recently came across a pen-and-ink Deceiver that I did when I was 19. I’ll post that one along with my 30-minute version come Saturday.