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FCI Clinic 2010 (Marcus Daly)

The Fly Casting Institute (FCI) is partnering with Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, Montana to present the 2010 Marcus Daly/Fly Casting Institute Clinic from April 9-11. The hospital’s rehab center is a fantastic facility, and the clinic will be held in conjunction with the hospital’s rehab professionals. The cost for the Clinic is $995. […]

Marcus Daly/FCI Clinic – August ’09

Just giving this a bump from the second page… FF&W commercial break: The FCI Clinic at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is revving up for August 21-23. I’m really looking forward to this Clinic, since the Marcus Daly facilities are so nice (and brand new to boot), and the Bitterroot is just a few blocks away. […]

Shadow Capture

Just finished the latest FCI Clinic here in Missoula. It was a great 2 1/2 days, and for those FCI clients who are reading, Josh is already hard at work on your motion-capture CDs. When we were setting up the cameras and hardware, I had the chance to do a few capture runs myself. After […]

The Post/E-List Void…

The current info-void here at FF&W will filled soon! There will be some nice freebies for the E-List, and I’m heading to Missoula today for the Fly Casting Institute Clinic (July session), as well as five extra days of fishing, hiking and camping. And speaking of the FCI, we are “go” for an August 21-23 […]

Sitting in Missoula…

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Missoula. Yes, I’d rather be fishing, but it has been a week-and-change since I last updated FF&W, and at some point one has to eat, too. Spent the day in Hamilton, doing a “Taste of the FCI” hosted at the brand spankin’ new Marcus Daly Hospital Rehab Center. […]