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A Couple Thousand (Words) to Go ….

I am winding up the D-Loop Group chapter of Single-Handed Fly Casting, and with that will be the end of the writing at very long last. Here’s where the book stands at present in terms of chapters: 1: Mind-Set & Modules 2: A Foundation 2.1: Components & Actions 3: Overhead Cast 3.1: Loops & Accuracy 4: Line […]

Borgie’s Blaster

The rod I’ll be using for photography for my in-progress Single-Handed Fly Casting book. White with black wraps and basic black reel seat. Built for me using an SC20 blank by my good friends down the road at C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Co.. The “Blaster” name was unexpected, but Kerry (the “C.F.” in C.F. Burkheimer) has […]

SHFC – June 7 Update (TOC)

The chapters of Single-Handed Fly Casting have final (I think) names. This is where the breakdown of topics stands at the moment: Gear Prologue 1: Mind-Set & Modules 2: A Foundation 2.1: Components & Actions 3: Overhead Cast 3.1: Loops & Accuracy 4: Line Control, Grip & Stance 5: Mending 6: Angled Casts 7: 3-D Aerial Casts […]

SC20 / 04

Under a big sky / Shadows cast in a rhythm / Perfect memories. SC20 04 /20 as photographed by Polara Studio. Detailed view here. Purchase info here.

The Final 11 of 20 (SC20)

After solving a time-consuming production issue, I am offering the J.Borger SC20 rods again. The first batch of SC20s have gone out the door and are now on the water. There are 11 10 of the original 20 numbers remaining: 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20. Rather than direct you to […]

A Quick Rod Design Thought

I want a fly rod that feels like a companion accompanying me on a journey. I’ve been asked a few times in the last weeks if my rod designs are/will be focused on all-out casting performance. That’s a loaded question. If I say “no,” does that mean they don’t cast as well as they could? […]

SC20 haiku

I find pleasure in reading haiku (both traditional and modern), and will be including 5-7-5 “haiku in English” verses on all J.Borger rods. The SC20 includes the following on the blank, where rod info is usually found: I will be the first to admit that my haiku for these rods is what one might kindly […]

The J.BFF Weekend Update

A few notes on J.BFF projects that are in the works: The early arrival of my little daughter, Brooke, put a multi-month slow-down on my upcoming Single-Handed Fly Casting book, but I’m finally getting back to filling in the blank areas once again. Also trying to get a good handle on shipping costs, using my […]

SC20. Now Taking Reservations

The J.Borger Fly Fishing SC20: Limited to 20 total. 108 inches long. $727.* A rod designed for trout fishing. A rod based on my memories of casting a shadow under a Montana big sky. A rod that can become an integral part of your own fly-fshing story. Rolled and built by friends just down the road—artisan-level […]

Last of the SS#1 Tees

The Steelhead Study #1 tees are mostly sold through their print run. I have a few left in all sizes except for 3XL. Once these are gone, I’ll be retiring this design. If you are interested, you can order directly here. SOLD OUT.

Short Day, Long Project

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere today is the shortest day of the year. I figured that it would be a good day to make a first post about a long project—all 106 inches of it. Designed to be at home on trout water, slinging bugs and chucking streamers. Only 20 will be […]

J.Borger Fly Fishing – The Story Begins

I grew up as a fly fisher, and fly fishing has shown me the deeply involved rhythms of water, land, and fish. Fly fishing has been a way in which I could lose my sense of time, but also a way to challenge myself so intensely that a second ticked by like a carefully watched […]

Quick SS#1 Tee-Shirt Update

For those who have ordered the Steelhead Study #1 tee, all orders as of yesterday have shipped. I probably won’t ship again until after the Christmas holiday. At least two readers are telling me that tees shipped more than a week ago have still not arrived. With the holiday mail volume, I’d say give it […]

SS#1 Tees are in Stock and Shipping

The new Steelhead Study #1 tees are now in my hands and will be packed for shipment this week. I am looking at a (hopefully) Wednesday ship date for all the pre-orders. For those readers in the States that means some of you could be looking very fashionable by week’s end. For those of you […]