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SS#1 Tees are in Stock and Shipping

The new Steelhead Study #1 tees are now in my hands and will be packed for shipment this week. I am looking at a (hopefully) Wednesday ship date for all the pre-orders. For those readers in the States that means some of you could be looking very fashionable by week’s end. For those of you […]

Tees are BACK!

This is a mock-up of what would be about a size medium or large. The actual tee you get might not look exactly like this (especially the largest sizes). Don’t worry, you’ll be ironically fashionable either way. They’ve been on hiatus for a while, but tees are back at FF&W! Want to be the cool […]

New Tees! Here’s What I’m Thinking….

Update: Not gonna work like this. Too hard to match the two screens front-to-back on the seam over a print run. No worries; I’ve got a few more ideas for this type of thing. Stay tuned this week. Update to the update: I’m not giving up. I may have found a place with a screen […]

FF&W Brown #1 Tee Almost Sold Out

The FF&W Brown #1 tee is down to a couple of XLarges remaining here and that’s it. Sold out. If anyone is interested in a different size, try contacting the BackCountry Fly Shop in Corvallis, Oregon or the Deschutes River Camp (541.553.5555) in Madras, Oregon. Both have been stocking the tee in various sizes and […]

Brown#1 Tee – Size XL Back in Stock ASAP

Update: This tee is now completely sold out. There will be no reprint. I had so many requests for size XL in this tee that I sold out in a few days. The re-order was placed last week and should be here shortly. As a result, I have left the XL size showing as available […]

New FF&W Tees (Brown #1) Now Available!

Update: This tee is now completely sold out, there will be no re-prints. Yes, the new FF&W tees (Brown #1) are now available. You can see what they look like up above and here’s the rest of the info: The 100-percent cotton, unisex, “Pool Blue” tee is sewn in America (by American Apparel) and printed […]

Next FF&W Tee?

So what do you think? Is this the next FF&W tee? Update: Yes. Coming soon!

An FF&W Tee in Action!

Sent in by Marc Fauvet. A dynamic shot of an FF&W Yamame trout tee used in distance casting (did you know that FF&W tees are guaranteed to add 10 feet to your cast?*). Do you also want to look this good on the casting field? Well, just click here and buy, buy, buy! (Update: This […]

FF&W Tees Back on October 4!

Good news for those with backorders on tees: the fresh order of 100-percent cotton FF&W trout tees is due in on October 4. These tees will be in the Stone Gray color from before, but only in an all-cotton shirt (fine jersey fabric and very soft). It can sometimes be hard to know what a […]

FF&W Yamame Trout Tees Will be Back Soon!

Update: This tee is sold out. There will be no more re-prints. The FF&W “Yamame” trout tees that are currently sold out in most sizes are due to be back here at FF&W sometime around September 24 30 or so. The new round of tees will be 100-percent cotton (nice and soft), and in the […]

FF&W Tee Supply Running Low

FF&W Tees are in short supply right now, but I’ll be re-ordering this coming week. On tap will be the usual spread, plus the long-sold-out 3XL size. If you want the coastal green tee with the trout on it, now would be a good time to order (if your size is in stock), since I’ll […]

NEW FF&W Tees – Dec 2009

Update: These tees are sold out. There will be no re-prints of these designs. Thanks to the FF&W readership, I’ve sold through my original run of FF&W tees. I’ve had more made, but have expanded the selection with more sizes, colors, fabrics and fits. I have the Men’s/Unisex 50/50 shirts in the “Shadow Gray” color […]

Tees Are Here!

Update: These tees are now sold out. There will be no re-prints. Introductory price (through Dec 31, 2009) is $20 for the shirt, plus shipping (and tax in the state of Washington). Shipping costs are only a few bucks in the U.S., and a few more bucks outside the U.S. (tees ship via First Class […]

Back to the Tees for a Sec…

Okay, I finally got my act together on these things, and am going to plunk down my cash this week for an order. After taking a poll on what people like, I ended up with a near 50/50 split between 50/50 cotton/poly and 100-percent cotton material. Back to square one… Actually, no. The poll really […]