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Nymphing for Kings

It’s July and despite a gorgeous Oregon summer, my mind is wandering to thoughts of Alaskan king salmon. I figure that since I likely won’t be in Alaska this season, I might as well post an article about fishing for kings (that may qualify as living vicariously through myself). The bulk of this was originally […]

NW Expo Trout-Leader Design Seminar

If you’re going to be attending the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo on Match 11-12, there are still spaces available in the trout-leader design seminar I’m hosting. We’ll cover some effective, simple (and tool-free) knots (including a version of the Nail-less Nail Knot), as well as leader-design concepts that cover a huge array […]

Selective Droppers (2010 Re-Play)

This is just a quick re-play of a previous post-turned-page. I occasionally re-post older posts and/or pages since that info sometimes falls by the wayside (at least if my Google Analytics are any indication). In addition, with the recent hopper-based link from FlyTalk, I figure a little post on easy droppers is a good idea. […]

Greased Leader

A bit of writing from about 10 years ago in which I actually use the term “most-subtle” with a straight face. Hope you find it useful (even if the wording gets a bit fluffy in spots). – – – – – – – – – Fly fishing for trout can be a most-subtle affair. The […]

Perfection Loop Knot

Loop-to-loop junctures allow for a rapid change-out of a leader. If you pre-tie your own leaders or buy your leaders pre-made, you can go from slinging muddlers to dead-drifting mayflies in about two minutes—including the fly change. You can also refresh a worn leader system in a hurry. I have had days when my terminal […]

5/7 Blood Knot

GB has a good post up about the 5/7 Blood Knot, a variation that I grew up tying (the “School of GB” was a great, if sometimes demanding, one). Personally, I use this knot for leader butt/taper interconnections, then move to a three-turn Surgeon’s (or Water) knot for tippet section(s) (talking trout/salmon, etc. here, but […]

Roll/Spey Grass Leader

Yep, a pure lazy well-timed re-post. True, there is a perma-linked page over in the sidebar, but my web stats say the pages often get missed, so here it is again. This is an almost-verbatim snip from my Nature of Fly Casting book about one potential aid in grass-casting. And yes, you’ll probably see it show up again […]

Selective Droppers

A bit of “re-play” from an old “Fly Fish America” article (which I think made the rounds three times in various states of tune). – – – – – – – – – – The use of droppers is a staple technique for many fly fishers around the world. During opportunistic (“eat what comes by”) […]

Roll/Spey Grass Leader

I occasionally get e-mails asking about roll and Spey casting on grass, and ways in which to make land-bound practice more useful. What follows is an almost-verbatim snip from my Nature of Fly Casting book about one potential aid in grass-casting. – – – – – – – – – – It can be difficult […]

Leader Math (or, the Mystery of “X”)

In the U.S. leader and tippet material diameters are typically measured in thousandths of an inch, with tippets also given an additional “X” designation. An example of each that you might see on a spool of tippet material would be as such: .006” (read as “six thousandths”) and 5X (read simply as “five x”). The […]

Trout Leader Re-Post

For those who attended the Bend seminar last week, here is the trout leader post/page that I referenced during the leader-building session. I figure that it is easier to just re-post it so you don’t have to dig around the blog. Put those three-turn Surgeon’s Knots to good use… – – – – – – […]


Versions of this little article have floated around various magazines and Web sites over the years. Not the most glamorous of fly-fishing topics, I know, but an approach that can be of real help when conditions warrant. – – – – – – – – – When fishing the small stuff, a strike indicator of […]

Some Leaders for Trout

Okay, enough of the “re-loading” and “new stuff soon” posts—here is some actual new stuff (while chunks of this article have appeared in various forms elsewhere, they have not appeared at FF&W, so I’m going to call this “new”). Actually some of the following includes excerpts from the book, Presentation (penned by my father), so […]