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Borgie’s Blaster

The rod I’ll be using for photography for my in-progress Single-Handed Fly Casting book. White with black wraps and basic black reel seat. Built for me using an SC20 blank by my good friends down the road at C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Co.. The “Blaster” name was unexpected, but Kerry (the “C.F.” in C.F. Burkheimer) has […]

Portland Suburban Casting League – Nynja Squirrel Cast

Recently got myself the ability to shoot 1080p60 720p60 video on my phone—that’s 720 HD, but at double normal frame-rate, so it ends up being true 2X slo-mo. Decided that I needed to get some casting shots to see how the phone would work as a cheap-o high-speed video cam. As luck would have it, I […]

Merry Christmas 2011

A well-worn Christmas greeting, but since I’m a bit laid-up at the moment I had to dig into the archives for something pre-made. And in case you are wondering, yes, the above fish-size ratio still applied in 2011 (and yes, I still hold out hope to alter it in my favor in 2012).

DF52 & Friday Fish Fry Postponed

In case anyone is wondering, this week’s DF52 fish and the Friday Fish Fry have been postponed a bit. My lap very recently had some laparoscopy so I’ll need another day or two before I am back at FF&W. Nothing too serious, just lifted one too many giant steelhead and paid for it with my inguinal […]

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!

We Have a Winner! (J&FF Shadow Cast Competition)

Emerging from my private screening room after days of coffee- and Jujyfruit-fueled film viewing, I have declared a winner in the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition. I can’t reveal the winner until the gents over at J&FF post my review, but I can tell you that it was a close competition. Rarely have […]

Last Week of the Shadow Cast Competition

This week is your last chance at “eternal fly casting glory” from the boys over at Jazz & Fly Fishing. Think you have the world’s most creative (or at least funniest) Shadow Cast? Then don’t delay, get your video cam out and make the rainbows rise (or run, more likely). Fabulous prizes and international fame […]

Piscator Castador

Everyone needs a good fishing name, a name that you can use in quotes between your real first and last names. It should be a name that rings of your angling/romantic prowess, or your favorite fish species, or even some locally/regionally/nationally known incident in which you were intimately involved. I have such a name. Actually […]

Hot Rod Tenkara – The Beginning

Sakasa Kebari fly from last year’s DF52 project. Hot Rod Tenkara is my latest little foray into semi-irreverent fly fishing. After a couple of recent outings involving tenkara-style fishing, I decided that I needed to build my own tenkara rod. Rather than go the route of designing a lovely telescoping stick, complete with flor-grade handle […]

Speaking of Shadow Casting, There’s This Contest…

[vimeo clip_id=”25882062″] Speaking of Shadow Casting (see the previous post), my friends over at Jazz & Fly Fishing have a little competition they are running through the summer. It involves Shadow Casting, videotaping, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek. Although Shadow Casting can be sometimes be *very serious* business, this contest is not. Of course, if […]

Various States of Disarray

Over the years, Kelley and I have done more than a few road trips together, and it seems that I get at least one pic of the back of the “Silver Hornet” in some state of disarray on every trip. I think that the disarray has become worse over the years, and at one point […]

Panfish Overkill?

Went fishing with my friend, Derek Althauser, yesterday afternoon. Check out that gear. Think it might be panfish overkill? I mean look at the size of that fish! I’m sporting the latest in graphite tech (brand new for 2011, by the way) and a disc drag that can stop a bonefish in its finny little […]

GB’s “Reading Waters” Whitefish Story

With Reading Waters now at the printers, I figure that another little (and hopefully humorous) story from the book is due. This one is from GB’s past, and includes the biggest whitefish either of us have ever caught. Hope you like the (somewhat abridged) read. In the early/mid 1980s, I appeared in three videos from 3M/Scientific […]

A Favorite Photo – GB and Me in Murmansk

I’ve actually been promising a few friends that I would post this pic once I found it. Well, I found it, so here it is. A shot of GB and me at the Murmansk (Russia) airport, waiting for the chopper behind us to be fixed. After hanging out in the airport “lounge” (for those readers […]