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Obligatory Dog Post for October

Despite the extra helping of pathetic, one of us was not going in the drift boat….

Is American Idol Next?

There is a problem with having too much fly-tying material. Sooner or later, you will find yourself like this. It is not a flattering place to be. But, the FF&W blog is not about flattery, it is about raw, unadorned truth, stripped of the fetters of pride, cleansed of the needs of self, and driven […]

Some of What I’ve *Not* Been Doing…

King salmon in Wisconsin may not be pretty, but they still bite and fight just fine, thanks. Behind that handsome Photoshopped visage lurks GB, gleefully showing me one of the many “river horses” he reined in over the last four days or so. He actually had the audacity to call me from the river while […]