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Brooke Alexis Borger

Some of you may have been wondering what happened here at FF&W. One minute I’m talking about the DF&F52 project, the next minute the blog isn’t updated in a week-plus. Well, I’ll tell you what happened: Brooke Alexis Borger She came a few weeks early and very suddenly, and there was no putting her back […]

11:01 on a Monday Night, Writing About Casting

It’s 11:01 and I’m sitting on my front porch, laptop perched, listening to the waterfall next to me (man-made, admittedly, but its sound is much better than that of no waterfall). I’m writing about fly casting, trying to make sense of my thoughts surrounding what we do and how to express it with words like speed, […]

DF52 & Friday Fish Fry Postponed

In case anyone is wondering, this week’s DF52 fish and the Friday Fish Fry have been postponed a bit. My lap very recently had some laparoscopy so I’ll need another day or two before I am back at FF&W. Nothing too serious, just lifted one too many giant steelhead and paid for it with my inguinal […]

“Everything Else is Secondary”

What I would have given to have listened to these fourteen minutes at my own commencement. Steve Jobs at Stanford, 2005

Fishing the Leadville 100

I’ve had the Leadville 100 ultra-marathon mountain bike race on in the background as I work at home today, painting and writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, you can find out more here (check the start altitude and the pass elevations. Oh yeah, also check out some of the athletes who have […]

Halos Near Bend, Oregon

You see some cool stuff fishing…. Sort of the opposite of this.

Not Made by Amateurs

Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo. Just watched a promo copy of this DVD. Gorgeous. There is room for this level of excellence in fly fishing.

Various States of Disarray

Over the years, Kelley and I have done more than a few road trips together, and it seems that I get at least one pic of the back of the “Silver Hornet” in some state of disarray on every trip. I think that the disarray has become worse over the years, and at one point […]

For My Friends in the Tornado Zone

I’ve been watching the radar images (and video streams) today, and am hoping that my fly-fishing friends in the Mid-South and Southeast U.S. are doing okay dealing with what appears to be a tornado outbreak that could possibly rival the historic one of 1974. Some familiar fishing spots are under red or yellow in that […]

Upgrade Issues

I recently upgraded WordPress (the software that runs this site) and it appears that some settings got changed in the process. If you’ve tried to leave a comment and subsequently been asked to login as a user, you know what I mean. Should be fixed now. I’ll check through the other settings to be sure […]

Some Storms

Now that’s a storm. Somewhere west of Mt. Vernon, South Dakota with an approaching supercell. Having moved from the Upper Great Lakes region to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve had to adjust my expectations of what the word “storm” actually means. For example, right now, we are experiencing a series of “storms” here in the Portland […]

Speaking of Dogs, Checkout Dee-O-Gee

Dee-O-Gee is a cool little natural pet (dog and cat) store in downtown Bozeman, Montana. It is run by fly-fishing friends of ours, and the owner’s husband, Josh Allen, has been a part of the Fly Casting Institute for years. They sell the good stuff, and Kel and I always try to pick up goodies […]

Obligatory Dog Post for October

Despite the extra helping of pathetic, one of us was not going in the drift boat….

Social Browsing

Kind of off-topic here, but we’ve been talking “social” today, so if you’re into the social scene on the Web (Facebook, Twitter, et al.), one browser you might wish to consider playing with is Flock. I’ve been using it as an adjunct browser for a couple of years and it’s designed specifically for integration with […]