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Fish, Film & Water (The Way of a Trout)

A slightly edited re-post from 2009. A film I watched so many times in my youth, photographed in place I used to visit every spring. Those days are very long gone, but watching this still brings me back with intense clarity … – – – – – – – – As a kid, I had […]

Leadership Intensive (Bring a Rod)

For any FF&W readers who might be interested in a rather special corporate/personal leadership intensive, my father (GB) is participating in a program with world-renowned author and leadership coach, Stephen McGhee, and my long-time fishing friend, Douglas Freimuth. The program will be built around three days of fly-fishing and runs September 19 – 22. The […]

“Everything Else is Secondary”

What I would have given to have listened to these fourteen minutes at my own commencement. Steve Jobs at Stanford, 2005

TRW Premiere in PDX

After miraculously managing to get last-second, but rockstar-adjacent parking near Portland’s Hollywood Theater last night, Kel, her backpacker cohort, Hatti, and I wandered in to pick up our River Why tickets and find some seats. It was a packed house, which was good to see, and the River Network had a nice long intro time […]

“The River Why” Premier/Benefit Screening

The River Why, which has been making the film fest rounds over the last year or so, is going to have its official premier in Portland on September 9. Kelley and I will be attending, and three of the principle actors are also coming in for the showing: Zach Gilford (Gus), William Hurt (H2O), and […]

Some Good News About Pelican Creek

Old family friend, Royce Dam, fishing Pelican back in the day. Own a copy of Reading Waters? (If you don’t, you should.) Go check out page 24 for the same shot in relation to feeding lies. According to a post at the New Heathen’s blog, one of my absolute favorite places to fish from my […]

A Few C&R Ramblings

Just a few ramblings that I wrote some years ago on the subject of catch-and-release. Since the majority of my fishing is C&R, I figured that I might as well toss this up on the blog. Here you go: – – – – – – – – – – A number of factors can come […]

Another Piece of the Didymo Puzzle Solved

Just got tipped on this: The mechanism that Didymo (a.k.a. “rock snot”) uses to grow so prolifically has apparently been figured out via research conducted on Rapid Creek in South Dakota (a water I first fished when I was about old enough to stand). Hopefully this will lead to some measures that can at least […]

MT – SB 306

If you love Montana’s trout rivers and their surrounding ecosystems, and are not aware of what’s going on with Montana’s SB 306, you should be.

DF52 Yamame Heading to Japan

The DF52 Yamame is heading to Japan to help to raise money for the overall relief efforts there. The Japanese FlyFisher magazine is heading this particular fund-raiser and asked me to contribute. The image won’t go as-is, but rather I’m doing an outline print (three of them) and then hand-coloring the result. Hopefully the sale […]

Montana HB 309 Update

A good update at Chi Wulff on what’s going on with Montana HB 309 to this point (with some links out to other boards/blogs that expand on the subject). It looks like there is still room for an alternate ending on how this plays out, but it should be on the radar of anyone who […]

Wheelchairs in Drift Boats

I’ve met a fair share of anglers confined to a wheelchair for various reasons, and getting someone out on the river (really out on the river) when they have limited mobility can be a challenge. Well, the guys at Adipose Boatworks came up with an elegant solution . What a smart way to get people […]

Salmon Conservation at WSU – Vancouver

Going to WSU – Vancouver next week to see the full collection of Eileen Klatt’s salmon/trout art (and hopefully make that lecture on the evening of the 7th). Perhaps I’ll see a few FF&W readers there?

One Surf Fly

An old friend from LA, Al Quattrocchi, has been quite active in conservation efforts in Southern California. One of the projects that he has been a key player in is the “One Surf Fly” event. The most recent “OSF” was just completed with some $1,600 going toward the Matilija Dam project. If you are in […]