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J.Borger Fly Fishing – The Story Begins

I grew up as a fly fisher, and fly fishing has shown me the deeply involved rhythms of water, land, and fish. Fly fishing has been a way in which I could lose my sense of time, but also a way to challenge myself so intensely that a second ticked by like a carefully watched […]

Two Vids for the Casting Geeks

Been a while since I last posted hard-core, technical fly-casting vids, so here you go. These are two 500 frame-per-second videos from my good friend, and occasional co-author, Grunde Løvoll (the caster is Mathias Lilleheim). These focus on the backcast of an extreme distance style of casting. I will add a few more notes later, […]

New E-Zine – “Eat Sleep Fish” (and an Interview)

Just got an email from Pete Tyjas at the new e-zine, “Eat Sleep Fish,” and it seems that all the needed pixels are ready for consumption. I did an interview with Pete some time ago, and that interview, along with 15 other articles is now on-line. I go on (and on) about casting, movies, and […]

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!

TiF Dec/Jan ’12 and TFJ 3.2 Have Arrived

Yes, “This is Fly” and “The Flyfish Journal” have recently arrived via email and snail-mail, respectively. As many of you know, TiF is the not-safe-for-tweed e-zine that pushes the boundaries of what a fly-centric mag can be, and TFJ is, well, it’s one of the few mags out there that I’ll ante up $40 a […]

We Have a Winner! (J&FF Shadow Cast Competition)

Emerging from my private screening room after days of coffee- and Jujyfruit-fueled film viewing, I have declared a winner in the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition. I can’t reveal the winner until the gents over at J&FF post my review, but I can tell you that it was a close competition. Rarely have […]

A Quick Analyzer Post for the Casting Geeks

Been way too long since I had an appropriate level of casting geekery here at FF&W, so here you go… In digging back through the mountains of electronic files and folders lurking on my hard drive under the heading “Fly Casting,” I came across a stack of images from April of 2000. Among them were […]

Hot Rod Tenkara – The Beginning

Sakasa Kebari fly from last year’s DF52 project. Hot Rod Tenkara is my latest little foray into semi-irreverent fly fishing. After a couple of recent outings involving tenkara-style fishing, I decided that I needed to build my own tenkara rod. Rather than go the route of designing a lovely telescoping stick, complete with flor-grade handle […]

5 Minutes X 12 FIlms = Go Watch

The Drake Video Awards. Watch. Enjoy. Vote. I don’t really need to write any more than that.

Fly Fish Journal – Issue 3.1

I’ve been enjoying the latest issue of the “The Fly Fish Journal,” especially the image spread in the “Rises” section, number 02. I could see that at about 5×8 (feet) on a big, empty wall that I don’t currently own. Do you subscribe? If so, then you know the shot I’m referring to. Don’t subscribe? […]

“Slow Walking Water” – Jazz & Fly Fishing

Got a review CD in the mail recently from my friends over at Jazz & Fly Fishing. It’s their new release, “Slow Walking Water.” Already have it ripped into iTunes and have also played through the physical CD a couple of times. I’m narrowing down my favorite tracks, but “Parmacheene Belle” was a good companion […]

First Fish (for Alex)!

My nephew, Alex, is now officially a fisherman. His first fish is proudly displayed above. A nice Wisconsin panfish and a great way to start (I wonder how many kids and panfish have been put together over the years). From what I hear, Alex is now “hooked” (sorry, but I am required by general angling […]

Speaking of Shadow Casting, There’s This Contest…

[vimeo clip_id=”25882062″] Speaking of Shadow Casting (see the previous post), my friends over at Jazz & Fly Fishing have a little competition they are running through the summer. It involves Shadow Casting, videotaping, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek. Although Shadow Casting can be sometimes be *very serious* business, this contest is not. Of course, if […]

Best Casting Tattoo Ever

I’ve seen a few fly-casting tattoos over the years, but this one is the best (at least to me). Saw it in Portland when I was down in the Mississippi district. Not every day that one sees a shadow casting tattoo from ARRTI walking past. I stopped the guy (Bob Stenson) and asked to him about […]