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E-Listery – October 2010

The latest FF&W E-List mailing has gone out (late last night in the U.S.). I got a few bounces back my way, so if you didn’t get the mailing, you may want to double-check your address in your original subscribe emails (and check your junk folder, too). If you need to update your profile, you […]

Switching to Share This

After seeing how the previous Shareaholic plug-in worked here at FF&W, I decided to switch over to Share This. The new plug-in seems to work better for me (in terms of how it presents in Twitter), and takes up less visual space in the post. In addition, it is more obvious as a “share/tweet” service […]

Social Browsing

Kind of off-topic here, but we’ve been talking “social” today, so if you’re into the social scene on the Web (Facebook, Twitter, et al.), one browser you might wish to consider playing with is Flock. I’ve been using it as an adjunct browser for a couple of years and it’s designed specifically for integration with […]

Shareaholic is on FF&W (Trial)

Fired up the Shareaholic plug-in for Facebook and Twitter… Give it a try, Simon (and anyone else)! Update: Going to give this plug-in a trial period to see how it goes. May adjust how/where it appears, etc., and see if it turns out to be permanently useful for FF&W or not. Any feedback from Facebook/Twitter […]