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Fish, Film & Water (The Way of a Trout)

A slightly edited re-post from 2009. A film I watched so many times in my youth, photographed in place I used to visit every spring. Those days are very long gone, but watching this still brings me back with intense clarity … – – – – – – – – As a kid, I had […]

DF52 (2010) – Week 39 Re-Post

I know that I’m late with last weekend’s DF&F 52 image. I will get it done, hopefully before week 40 is here. In the meantime, here is a re-post of the DF52 (2010) week 39 project. This one meant a lot to both Kelley and me and the rock sits on our fireplace mantel. ********** […]

Al Troth Has Died

I just heard that Al Troth passed away last week. For those readers who may not be familiar with Al’s name, if you’ve ever used an Elk Hair Caddis, you should pour a sip for him. Being the age that I am, I was in a seemingly ideal (and fortunate) place in my youth to […]

Poly Caddis (v2.0)

GB’s early 1970s synthetic take-off of the Elk Hair Caddis is one of my own go-to patterns. It not only looks right and fishes right, but the synthetic aspect allows enormous color/texture variation. And as any red-blooded fly-tying geek knows, being able to mess around with colors and textures is one of the best things about […]

The Eclectic Angler’s Eclectic Gift Ideas

Want to change-up your holiday fly-fishing gift-giving this year? Do the fly fishers you know seem to have everything they need/want already? Then it appears that you’re in luck, since the Eclectic Angler specializes in fly-fishing gifts that are definitely not mainstream. I myself have a build-it-yourself reel kit from the EA (itself a very […]

Down & Dirty Mouse (an Old-School GB Fly)

After posting that little pic yesterday with the blurb about brookies and mice, I got an email asking about mouse flies. Here’s a simple pattern—little more than a few tails and some lashed-on hair—that works. No excessive trimming, no ears, no eyes, no whiskers. Nothing wrong with eyes, ears and whiskers mind you, just that […]

(Not So) Random Fly Tying Book – “Noll Guide to Trout Flies”

Just thought that a few FF&W readers might enjoy a look back at one of the books that influenced GB so deeply in his youth. This is actually a later version of the book after it transitioned to the Noll name. It was originally a Family Circle book, which is the version that my father […]

A Special Gift (Bunyan Bug)

One of my clients at last week’s fly-casting clinics in Grants Pass, Oregon, presented me with a rather nice gift: A vintage Bunyan Bug tied by Norman Means himself. This is the “poster pattern” from Norman Maclean’s, A River Runs Through It, and is a fly that, to me, speaks of “old school” Montana like no […]

Random Photo – Retro Flies

Just a pile of flies that I dumped out on my desk recently and felt were worth a quick pic. Once I imported the photo, I went a bit old-school and tacked on a couple of retro-feeling filters. The end result brings my mind’s eye back to those cold, youthful Wisconsin winters of the 1970s […]

Tyin’ with GB

GB is busy tying the 39274957287456 flies he’s going to include in the upcoming Long Flies book (actually, I think it’s only 80 or so, but they have to be right), so I figured that a post on tying with GB was in order. One of the most memorable things about the frequent outings that my father […]

GB’s Hendrickson Array

For those interested, there’s a nice triple-play of fly tying by GB over at his blog. While the bit-by-bit recipes are focused on the Hendrickson, the core fly designs are applicable across a rather large spectrum of the mayfly world. Get them here: Red-Brown Nymph – Parachute Floating Nymph – Yarn Wing Dun (with a […]

Art Archive – DTF Mayfly Adult

Continuing the FF&W Art Archive series with another image from the book, Designing Trout Flies. This one is from page 45. The collection of numbers correspond to colored pencils that I used for the “presentation” edition of the book. That edition was quite a beauty: handmade wood boxes (with burled panels), leather covers, all of the […]

Sylvester Nemes Dies

Got word from GB yesterday that Sylvester Nemes died earlier this month. GB knew Sylvester for many years, and I always enjoyed seeing and talking with Sylvester at shows and other gatherings. The Bozeman Chronicle has a short note on his passing here. Since Sylvester was a champion of the soft-hackle fly, I think that a […]

GB in Alaska – An Eighties Flashback!

This showed up the other day, a long-lost promotional photo of my father that was sent to me via my friends at The Fly Shop. The pic is still in great shape, and looks pretty much exactly as it would have when it was sent out in the 1980s. That makes GB is this shot […]