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Gorging with Ronan

As many FF&W readers know, Paul Arden’s is *the* English-language destination for technical fly-casting discussion (via the SL bulletin board) on the Web. What many may not know is that it also hosts a blog, written primarily by Ronan Creane. If you dig real-deal, adventure style fly fishing in NZ (who doesn’t?) then you should […]

A Little Tenkara Talk at Tenkara Talk

Jason Klass over at Tenkara Talk has posted a short Q&A he did with me concerning tenkara fishing. If you have an interest in the tenkara gear/approach, take a read of Jason’s site (and the others he links to). I grew up fishing a rather large array of gear for a rather large array of fish, […]

My Madison – Now on iTunes

20 years ago, my father (GB) teamed up with his long-time fishing friend and musician, John Beth, to create a CD entitled, “My Madison.” The disc was focused on Montana’s Madison River and what it meant to the angling lives of both my father and John. Genre-wise, the CD was a mix of spoken word […]

Twelve-Weight Bowl

“Twelve-Weight Bowl” This is on its way to me now. Turned burl, rubbed finished, Alaskan salmon teeth inlay. Flat-out beautiful. People ask me where my art background comes from. That’s an easy answer: my mother, Nancy. Yeah, this is one of hers. She is a woodturner by artistic trade, but also does some carving and metal-spinning (typically […]

“Long Flies” Table of Contents

Long Flies is officially on its way from the printer. I’m supposed to have a few books myself come Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, GB has posted the Table of Contents over at his blog. If you have an interest in seeing what the book contains, point your web browser here. And for those […]

GB’s “Long Flies” Special

GB is running a pre-release special on his new Long Flies book. If I understand it right, the first 100 who grab a copy get it signed and shipped for $25 (international shipping does cost extra, sorry). If you have an interest in streamers, bucktails and other big fish flies, the $25 is not much to pay for […]

Poly Caddis (v2.0)

GB’s early 1970s synthetic take-off of the Elk Hair Caddis is one of my own go-to patterns. It not only looks right and fishes right, but the synthetic aspect allows enormous color/texture variation. And as any red-blooded fly-tying geek knows, being able to mess around with colors and textures is one of the best things about […]

Introducing the DF&F 52 Project

Whether abbreviated as “DF&F 52″ or just “DFF 52,” the 2012 art project that I’ll be working on with Jeff Kennedy will encompass the subject of our two previous years. Yes, 2012 is the year of Drawing Fish & Flies 52. In other words, we’ll be doing both fish and flies this year, alternating between […]

New E-Zine – “Eat Sleep Fish” (and an Interview)

Just got an email from Pete Tyjas at the new e-zine, “Eat Sleep Fish,” and it seems that all the needed pixels are ready for consumption. I did an interview with Pete some time ago, and that interview, along with 15 other articles is now on-line. I go on (and on) about casting, movies, and […]

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!

“Long Flies” Fly Foto

Yes, Long Flies is taking its time in getting done, but at least GB is well into book #4 of the “Fly Fishing” series, so once I get caught up with LF, I’ll just jump into that. But, in the meantime, I am plowing through fly photos for LF. Here is fly 10.75, an Ulf Hagström […]

We Have a Winner! (J&FF Shadow Cast Competition)

Emerging from my private screening room after days of coffee- and Jujyfruit-fueled film viewing, I have declared a winner in the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition. I can’t reveal the winner until the gents over at J&FF post my review, but I can tell you that it was a close competition. Rarely have […]

Last Week of the Shadow Cast Competition

This week is your last chance at “eternal fly casting glory” from the boys over at Jazz & Fly Fishing. Think you have the world’s most creative (or at least funniest) Shadow Cast? Then don’t delay, get your video cam out and make the rainbows rise (or run, more likely). Fabulous prizes and international fame […]

“Slow Walking Water” – Jazz & Fly Fishing

Got a review CD in the mail recently from my friends over at Jazz & Fly Fishing. It’s their new release, “Slow Walking Water.” Already have it ripped into iTunes and have also played through the physical CD a couple of times. I’m narrowing down my favorite tracks, but “Parmacheene Belle” was a good companion […]