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SC20 / 04

Under a big sky / Shadows cast in a rhythm / Perfect memories. SC20 04 /20 as photographed by Polara Studio. Detailed view here. Purchase info here.

Random Monday Fishing Shot(s)

  My wife Kelley, working a run on Montana’s Gallatin. Liked the juxtaposition of fully-saturated color and a limited (6 tone) gray scale.

Friday Fish Fry – Weedy Brownie

A shot taken at Vermejo Ranch in northern New Mexico. This brown was cruising a weed-choked lake shoreline, looking for damsels, snails, or whatever else might have seemed tasty. Vernejo is a place were you can find fish like this all day long, but especially in the morning hours of warm summer days.  I have […]

Carp Spotting (or Not) – PDX

Spent some time looking for carp in Portland recently, and I do mean in Portland. As it turned out, no carp, but no matter. It was a warm spring morning, with the smell of grass, trees and water, and the sounds of birds…and F-15s from the PDX airbase. Despite the urban closeness and the thunder of […]

Friday Fish Fry – Grungy Steel

Steelhead, red marabou, and overkill with digital filters. I still like it in its own way, though. Has an almost phantasmagorical sense to it.

Merry Christmas 2011

A well-worn Christmas greeting, but since I’m a bit laid-up at the moment I had to dig into the archives for something pre-made. And in case you are wondering, yes, the above fish-size ratio still applied in 2011 (and yes, I still hold out hope to alter it in my favor in 2012).

Friday Fish Fry – Oregon Midsummer ‘Bow

This is an Oregon fish, a big-shouldered ‘bow sight fished on a little piece of water that I enjoy visiting now and again. The ‘bow was cruising slowly just off the bottom and sipped a little weighted Flashback PT that I had pitched into its cruising lane. The fish didn’t go slowly once we connected, […]

Another Long “Long Flies” Fly

Fly 10.67 from Long Flies shown as two halves (hey, it’s a *long* long fly). This is one of Bill Sherer’s beastly 4/0 BP muskie patterns. Don’t try to be a “hero” with a seven-weight when it comes time to cast these….

“Long Flies” Fly Foto

Yes, Long Flies is taking its time in getting done, but at least GB is well into book #4 of the “Fly Fishing” series, so once I get caught up with LF, I’ll just jump into that. But, in the meantime, I am plowing through fly photos for LF. Here is fly 10.75, an Ulf Hagström […]

Friday Fish Fry – Upper Varzina Brown

From years back, on a trip to Russia’s Kola Peninsula. One of many browns that nudged the measuring tape well past the 20-inch mark. Went for a bit of funky photo filtering on this one, just because I felt like it. This was one of the last trips on which I used slide film as […]

Friday Fish Fry – “Long Flies” Cover Fish

Realized that I forgot to post this on Friday. Sitting in my “drafts” area, but never published, so here it is as a Friday/Sunday Fish Fry. And what is it, you ask? It’s the back-cover fish from the upcoming Long Flies book (GB’s latest), and it’s from GB’s most recent trip to Alaska. Looking at a number […]

Small Stream Abstractions – Thanksgiving 2011

So, Kel and I took a little hike post-turkey. Ostensibly, we were trying to reduce the effects of caloric intake, but we also wanted to scout a bit of local water. Along the way, we came across some fantastic light effects on the canyon-side above the stream, and we had to stop and shoot a […]

Be the Heron!

I have a live show that I do called “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout.” In addition to the rather pedagogical title, the discussion delves into how trout perceive their environment (and ours) and how we perceive the trout’s environment. It then goes onto talk (at some length) about, well, approach and presentation, taking into […]

Blackberry Slideshow (November 2011)

As some of you know, I was back at Blackberry Farm over this last weekend. I always greatly enjoy my time at Blackberry, even when I’m working in support of an event (as I was this trip). While there was much more going at Blackberry than just some fishing—including flat-out fantastic (and up-close-and-personal) concerts with […]