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Random Monday Fishing Shot(s)

  My wife Kelley, working a run on Montana’s Gallatin. Liked the juxtaposition of fully-saturated color and a limited (6 tone) gray scale.

Merry Christmas 2011

A well-worn Christmas greeting, but since I’m a bit laid-up at the moment I had to dig into the archives for something pre-made. And in case you are wondering, yes, the above fish-size ratio still applied in 2011 (and yes, I still hold out hope to alter it in my favor in 2012).

Be the Heron!

I have a live show that I do called “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout.” In addition to the rather pedagogical title, the discussion delves into how trout perceive their environment (and ours) and how we perceive the trout’s environment. It then goes onto talk (at some length) about, well, approach and presentation, taking into […]

Friday Fish Fry – A Fishy Creek Somewhere

No actual fish in this one. I just like this as a candid “my girl and me” shot (thanks, Flynn). Kel’s working a drop-off (just to the left, off-camera) somewhere on some water someplace in western Montana. A few hours after this shot was taken, Kel made one of the most dead-on perfect Puddle Casts […]

Some September Small Stream Shots – Oregon

A few shots from the last fishing trip over the Cascades (after a drive through the smoke and ash on the pass). When Kel and I fish small streams, we often take a single rod and one vest or pack, filled with 17 times more gear than we need (hey, why not bring one’s entire […]


Been gone, had no WiFi, finally back. Below shows some of what Kel and I were up to. More to follow later today (including some Tenkara-style action).

Random Fly-Fishing Supermodel Shot

That’s Kelley—looking like she just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad—hanging out on the front porch of a friend’s home along the banks of Montana’s Madison River. This is one of my all-time favorite shots of my wife. Not long after this was taken she was into a monster brown that ran her into […]

DF52 Salmon Photos (and Kelley)

Was digging through a pile of salmon photos earlier today, looking for shots to use in this year’s DF52 project (Jeff and I will hopefully manage to get through all five Pacific salmon). I came back across this one, and was instantly reminded of two things: 1) Wisconsin may not be Alaska, but there is […]

From the Archives: Slinging Caddis

Just a shot I pulled from the archives. Kel fishing a deserted stretch of a Montana river. Caddis adult + caddis pupa. Cast, mend, drift, swing. Repeat until it’s “fish on!”

Kel. Bow. Montana.

Not much to say about this beyond the post title. I just like the flow of the composition and framing (and the subject matter, of course). (For those who recall the old photographic adage “If you can’t make your shot good, make it red,” this is the modern update: “If you can’t make your shot […]

From the Archives (Oregon ’08)

Yeah, one (well, two) more from the archives. Can’t help myself (I have some actual educational posts coming up after this, I promise). I am also hoping to get some repeats of these shots within the next month. These are from last September—sight-fishing, small flies, and a slightly over-excited husband. The morning had dawned brilliant, […]

From the Archives (Wisconsin ’05)

Once I started digging through old slides, I couldn’t stop. Not much in the way of self-deprecation here (other than the obligatory, “What’s she doing with you?” jokes), just a shot that I love from one of my favorite Wisconsin salmon days. This fish was actually two fish at one point. Kel spotted this king, […]

Thinking of Summer

With the unseasonably warm weather here, I got to thinking about a few of my favorite places to spend a mid-summer’s day fishing. Among them are the lakes of Vermejo Ranch in northern New Mexico, one of my long-time favorite stillwater haunts. The last time Kel and I were there, it was mid-July, but the […]