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Fishing Florida Radio

Spent 12 minutes this morning groggily talking “The Movie,” sight-fishing, and the Foundation Casting Stroke with Fishing Florida Radio hosts, Steve Chapman, BooDreaux, and Captain Mike Ortego. Actually had a good time, and look forward to saturating the airwaves on AM 740 with fly-fishing talk again later this year. FFR has a pile of great guests, […]

GB on “Ask About Fly Fishing” Tonight

My father (a/k/a GB) is doing a “Fishing the Film” Q&A on Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio this evening. He’s on at 7pm Mountain Time, so tune in tonight (or download later) to get an earful. I asked a question myself via the Ask About site—well see if chooses to answer it (something that […]

Keillor Reads Hada

A great heads-up this morning from my friends over at Midcurrent: Garrison Keillor (perhaps my favorite voice on radio) reading a poem by fly fisher, Ken Hada, entitled, “A Blessing.” Keillor could read the dictionary straight through and I’d listen, but his Writer’s Almanac is five minutes of history, prose and poetry that always seems […]

The Big Wild Radio Interview (July ’09)

Had a good (if short) interview this last Friday with The Big Wild Radio Program (get the station listing here). We talked a bit about the “why and what of fly fishing” and had a quick revisit of the River Runs days (Blu-Ray release due on July 28th). The show runs an hour on the weekends (the interview […]

Podcasts, Webcasts, and All of That…

Since FF&W seems to be radio-focused this week, I thought that I’d toss up a few links to Web-based radio programs that I’ve been involved with over the last couple of years. While I realize that some readers have already been there, done that (via the sidebar links), I figure that it never hurts to […]

Live on FishFace Radio Now!

Go here to listen/watch live… Update: It’s all over. Thanks for listening. Snag appreciates your clicks!

Snag Says Listen in!

Just a friendly reminder from Snag! (Can’t listen in? Tune in later).

FishFace Radio – Saturday the 4th!

From the “From Out of Nowhere” Department: I’ll be doing an interview on FishFace Radio this Saturday (April 4th) at 10 am, Pacific Time. If you live in the SoCal area, or if there is an affiliate carrying the broadcast, tune in! If not, check the Webcast. I have no idea where the aimless wandering […]

“Itinerant Angler” Podcast

If you’re looking for a bit more entertainment in your Podcasts, you may want to check out some of what is going on over at the “Itinerant Angler.” I did a Podcast there last year, and unlike the “how-to” focused info of my “Ask About Fly Fishing” Podcasts, the IA show is more “interview style.” If […]

“Ask About Fly Fishing” Podcasts

I already have a link to these Podcasts over in the right-hand menu, but I thought that I’d give them a temporary boost as a post. There are currently three Podcasts that I’ve done with the “Ask About Fly Fishing” Internet radio crew over the last few years: 1) Casting, Mending, and Presentation for Difficult Angling […]