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So About That DF52 Art….

Yeah, I know—no DF52 art at FF&W for the last two weekends. Tonight is DF52 night here at Casa Borger, however, so I’ll get #11 and #12 done, and be ready for #13, which I have to choose since it’s my turn. Spent last night working on a poster for Troutfest 2012, which is taking […]

(Last, Last-Minute) Casting Clinics – Camp Sherman, OR

As I posted last week, I’m going to be doing two casting clinics at the 12th Annual Metolius River Flyfishing and Bamboo Rod Fair in Camp Sherman, Oregon, July 16-17 (near the greater Bend/Sisters area). The Saturday clinic is now full, but the Sunday clinic still has spots. The clinic runs 730a – 930a, with a max of […]

(Last-Minute) Casting Clinics – Camp Sherman, OR

I’m going to be doing two casting clinics at the 12th Annual Metolius River Flyfishing and Bamboo Rod Fair in Camp Sherman, Oregon, July 16-17. It’s a last-minute thing, admittedly, but if there are any interested readers who might be in the greater Bend/Sisters, Oregon area at that time, the clinics run 730a – 930a (one […]

(The New) Deschutes River Camp – Casting Clinics

Friend, and fellow casting instructor, Matt Paluch, recently acquired the Deschutes River Camp property and fly shop on Oregon’s famed Deschutes River. He has asked me to come over and do a series of casting clinics for his grand re-opening on Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23. I’ll be doing two, four-hour clinics on […]

NW Expo & Casting Instructor Continuing Ed (2011)

Just wanted to say “thanks” to all of those who attended my demos and seminars at last weekend’s NW Expo and Casting Instructor Continuing Ed day. It was great to see a packed casting pond, even for a whopping 25-minute demo, and the casting seminar and continuing ed clinic were both full (although I think […]

NW Expo Trout-Leader Design Seminar

If you’re going to be attending the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo on Match 11-12, there are still spaces available in the trout-leader design seminar I’m hosting. We’ll cover some effective, simple (and tool-free) knots (including a version of the Nail-less Nail Knot), as well as leader-design concepts that cover a huge array […]

Casting Instructor Continuing Ed (and more)

If you’re an FFF Certified Casting Instructor, and living in the PNW, and feeling the need to be continually educated, I thought that I’d let you know that I’m doing a continuing education seminar for FFF Certified Casting Instructors in Albany, Oregon on March 13th (how convenient, huh?). If you are indeed an FFF Certified […]

“Fishing the Film” at the Fly Fishing Shows

GB has been busy lately. He’s managed to finish all of the text for book #2 in the Fly Fishing series: Reading Waters, and is onto Long Flies. All of the photos for Reading Waters have also been scanned (at least the first pass), and I’m into the edit with a box of red pens. GB […]

Planning on IFTD

For any readers who might be attending this year’s IFTD show in Denver on September 9-11, Kel and I will be wandering about for one of those days (haven’t made up our minds yet as to which day). If you spot us, say hello (Kel is easy to spot; me, not so much). It has […]

Thanks to the Ashland Fly Shop (and Kellie)

Just a quick shout out to say “thanks” to Will at the Ashland Fly Shop (as in Ashland, Oregon). When I was in Medford this last week to do a casting clinic and an evening talk, I discovered that I had left my Mini-DVI to VGA video link in Los Angeles somewhere the weekend before. […]

Leaving LA LA Land

Had a great time in the LA area these last few days. A “thank you” to everyone who came to the Fly Fishing Show, and a “thank you” to those of you who were so generous to me during my stay. And to my longtime friends in LA—from the the way-back movie days—it was so […]

Pasadena Fly Fishing Show 2010

After heading over to Van Nuys Blvd. to order up a #2 at my old favorite In-N-Out Burger (I ate there more than I should have when I lived in LA), I’m now in Pasadena getting ready for tomorrow’s show. Hope to see a few FF&W readers over the weekend (I’m doing casting clinics and […]

Fly Show in Pasadena – March 2010

For those SoCal FF&W readers who might want to hear me drone on pontificate in a lively and engaging manner, you may wish to attend the March 13-14 Fly Fishing Show in Pasadena. While the final schedule is not yet in place (Update: It’s in place now), it looks like I’ll be doing some talks […]

Speaking – January 20 & 21, 2010

I’ll be speaking at two fly-fishing clubs—one in southwest Washington and one in southwest Oregon—this coming week. The first engagement is at the Clark-Skamania Flyfishers in the Vancouver/Camas (and by default, Portland) area on January 20th. The second engagement is the next night in Grants Pass, Oregon at the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers. If you’re […]