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Well, I Am a Total Amateur

My “other” sport, mountain biking, done the old school way, with new school skills (and gear). This is what one might call “pure” cross-country, as in out across the country side, but the degree of “cross” and “country” … well, just watch. The skill-set of Danny Macaskill is in another galaxy, and the location has been on my life list […]

She in Me, Me in Her

On the left is me on the banks of Idaho’s Henry’s Fork in 1972. On the right is my daughter, Brooke, on the banks of Washington’s Columbia in 2014. When I saw her in the grass and flowers it was such a powerful moment. She was me and I was her. Even the rivers on […]

Leadership Intensive (Bring a Rod)

For any FF&W readers who might be interested in a rather special corporate/personal leadership intensive, my father (GB) is participating in a program with world-renowned author and leadership coach, Stephen McGhee, and my long-time fishing friend, Douglas Freimuth. The program will be built around three days of fly-fishing and runs September 19 – 22. The […]

AMFF — Angling & Art Benefit

I recently  completed three smaller watercolors for the American Museum of Fly Fishing’s upcoming Angling and Art benefit sale. With the schedule I have been attempting to keep, I painted the pieces quickly and with a more open, perhaps slightly expressionist hand in some areas (orange water? My mind likes the way it feels, so […]

A Merry Christmas…

Short Day, Long Project

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere today is the shortest day of the year. I figured that it would be a good day to make a first post about a long project—all 106 inches of it. Designed to be at home on trout water, slinging bugs and chucking streamers. Only 20 will be […]

Brooke Alexis Borger

Some of you may have been wondering what happened here at FF&W. One minute I’m talking about the DF&F52 project, the next minute the blog isn’t updated in a week-plus. Well, I’ll tell you what happened: Brooke Alexis Borger She came a few weeks early and very suddenly, and there was no putting her back […]

Al Troth Has Died

I just heard that Al Troth passed away last week. For those readers who may not be familiar with Al’s name, if you’ve ever used an Elk Hair Caddis, you should pour a sip for him. Being the age that I am, I was in a seemingly ideal (and fortunate) place in my youth to […]

So…Bunyan Bug or Parmachene Belle?

Some readers wonder what I’ve been up to the last few months. I’ll tell you one thing: KEEPING A SECRET! That’s what. Unbelievably hard to do, but now that it’s Mother’s Day, a big reveal seems appropriate. Don’t know what Kel and I are getting yet, but it’s either a Bunyan Bug or a Parmachene Belle! […]

Twelve-Weight Bowl

“Twelve-Weight Bowl” This is on its way to me now. Turned burl, rubbed finished, Alaskan salmon teeth inlay. Flat-out beautiful. People ask me where my art background comes from. That’s an easy answer: my mother, Nancy. Yeah, this is one of hers. She is a woodturner by artistic trade, but also does some carving and metal-spinning (typically […]

DF&F 52 – 13_Permit

Update: Steelhead is the next DF&F52 on tap for the weekend. Drawing Fish & Flies 52 Permit. In honor of Jose Wejebe. Notes: Wanted something simple, yet evocative for this piece. Nothing more than a flagging tail, a reflection, and the hint of a waterline. This piece deliberately has no edges or visual constraints other than […]

Pour a Sip for Sage…

This little post is in honor of Sage (seen above, peering over my shoulder with his well-practiced—and very effective—”sad eyes look”). He passed away over the weekend. Sage was the beloved dog of a very close friend in Montana, and he has appeared before on this blog as part of various angling adventures. Sage, in all of […]

Merry Christmas 2011

A well-worn Christmas greeting, but since I’m a bit laid-up at the moment I had to dig into the archives for something pre-made. And in case you are wondering, yes, the above fish-size ratio still applied in 2011 (and yes, I still hold out hope to alter it in my favor in 2012).

DF52 (2010) – Christmas Spey

Merry Christmas Eve from FF&W. “Christmas Spey” from last year’s DF52 project.