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Another Geeky Vid (with Hauling)

To add to the visuals of the previous videos, here is another from a motion-capture (mo-cap) session I did a few years back. This is a shorter cast, but it still is revealing about haul timing and so forth. Since this is mo-cap, the “video” is really just computer output of the reflective marker balls […]

Two Vids for the Casting Geeks

Been a while since I last posted hard-core, technical fly-casting vids, so here you go. These are two 500 frame-per-second videos from my good friend, and occasional co-author, Grunde Løvoll (the caster is Mathias Lilleheim). These focus on the backcast of an extreme distance style of casting. I will add a few more notes later, […]

Cast Trajectory & Head Winds (in 500 Words)

Today we are having the first really serious Pacific storm of the year here in the Portland area. Slashing rain and wind gusts over 40 mph are on tap, and it got me thinking about casting in the wind—specifically into head-winds. I have a lot to say about the subject, but to keep things reasonable, […]

A Quick Analyzer Post for the Casting Geeks

Been way too long since I had an appropriate level of casting geekery here at FF&W, so here you go… In digging back through the mountains of electronic files and folders lurking on my hard drive under the heading “Fly Casting,” I came across a stack of images from April of 2000. Among them were […]

Building an Eclectic Reel

As some of you may know, reels are my favorite piece of fly-fishing gear. So, when I saw that I could order the above reel as a kit from The Eclectic Angler, I couldn’t resist (couldn’t resist the $60 asking price, either). Also got a copy of the below book to go along with it: I will […]

A Shadow Casting Exploration!

If you’ve seen this video, you can read my critical take on Jazz & Fly Fishing’s New, Improved Shadow Cast here. (Some bits about the “real” Shadow Cast, and other River Runs casting, can be found here.) Update: Please read the “exploration” with your tongue firmly in your cheek! Update 2: If you want a […]

Some Very Serious Shadow Casting…

Advanced Trick Casting: The Shadow Cast from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo. Got a little note to check this out. Be sure to read the whole series of “Shadow Cast” posts at Jazz & Fly Fishing. Just don’t get too serious. Update: Some FF&W readers are having trouble playing the embedded video. If […]

Social Browsing

Kind of off-topic here, but we’ve been talking “social” today, so if you’re into the social scene on the Web (Facebook, Twitter, et al.), one browser you might wish to consider playing with is Flock. I’ve been using it as an adjunct browser for a couple of years and it’s designed specifically for integration with […]

500fps Fly Cast – a1 (2 versions)

Here are the next two hi-res, 500fps fly casting videos (sequence a1 this time) from my friend and physicist, Grunde Løvoll. These particular videos were used to generate some of the data for 2006 article, “The Rod & The Cast,” (first published in the Japanese “FlyFisher” magazine). As before, these videos are not directly viewable […]

Mo-Cap Fly Cast – Haul + Shoot 1

More FCI-based motion-capture goodness (and there will be a new post of Grunde’s 500fps videos soon, too). Like the previous mo-cap video, the file linked to here is based on the original 200fps capture. The file shows a standard, overhead cast sequence made by me using a 5-weight, weight-forward line on a Sage XP590-4 rod. The cast […]

Mo-Cap Fly Cast – Max Backcast 3

After posting the first set of 500fps videos from my friend, Grunde Løvoll, I promised some motion-capture (mo-cap) video, as well. So, here it is (download link below). This video isn’t really video in the traditional sense, it’s data points captured in three dimensions and then output as a video-based file. The file linked to […]

Cast m1 Data Graphs

I promised that I’d post a couple of graphs showing some of the data collected from the high-speed video sequences shown in a previous post (cast m1). So, I have included them below. Keep in mind that these graphs do reflect some “noise” in the data, and that the cast is not oscillating up and […]

500fps Fly Cast – m1 (3 versions)

As promised, here are the first three 500fps fly casting videos (sequence m1) from Grunde Løvoll. These particular videos were used to generate data for “The Rod & The Cast,” which was written back in 2006 (and first published in the Japanese “FlyFisher” magazine). These videos are not directly viewable here at FF&W, instead they […]

Hope You Casting Geeks Have a Fast Connection…

See that video up there (requires QuickTime)? That’s less than half the size (and not of the quality) of what’s coming. With my Web hosting account, I pay for a lot of space and a lot of bandwidth. While I have future plans for a chunk of that space and bandwidth, my calculations say that […]