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Tenkara Slim Goes for a Swim

My home-made Tenakra rod, “Slim,” went for swim last weekend. Actually I just threw him in butt first, and dragged his skinny carbon carcass back out a little ways downstream. To be fair, I suppose that I can’t call Slim a “true” Tenkara rod. He’s really a generalist “fixed line” rod. I can lash a […]

Nymphing for Kings

It’s July and despite a gorgeous Oregon summer, my mind is wandering to thoughts of Alaskan king salmon. I figure that since I likely won’t be in Alaska this season, I might as well post an article about fishing for kings (that may qualify as living vicariously through myself). The bulk of this was originally […]

Portland Suburban Casting League – Nynja Squirrel Cast

Recently got myself the ability to shoot 1080p60 720p60 video on my phone—that’s 720 HD, but at double normal frame-rate, so it ends up being true 2X slo-mo. Decided that I needed to get some casting shots to see how the phone would work as a cheap-o high-speed video cam. As luck would have it, I […]

A Little “Long Flies” Excerpt (About Not-So-Little Brown Trout)

GB called me from the road today. He was just driving through Escanaba, Michigan on his way over to the Pere Marquette. I *really* miss that particular trip, and I was immediately wanting to be back on the shores of the Great Lakes. That, in turn, got me thinking about Great Lakes steelhead, salmon, and […]

Be the Heron!

I have a live show that I do called “Approach & Presentation Strategies for Trout.” In addition to the rather pedagogical title, the discussion delves into how trout perceive their environment (and ours) and how we perceive the trout’s environment. It then goes onto talk (at some length) about, well, approach and presentation, taking into […]

Making the Cast

With the IFTD show having been in New Orleans this past weekend, I got to thinking about saltwater, cruising fish and the casting required to do what needs to be done. Fortunately, I already have a short article on the subject here at hand. It’s a piece that has recently appeared in Fly Fish America […]

Swinging Soft-Hackles and Rain on Junipers

As some of you know, I don’t tend to blog a lot about my actual fishing in “real time.” Fishing is often a rather personal affair for me, and I typically use fishing events to later enhance “how-to” pieces and so forth some time after the fact. This week, though, I wanted to do an […]

O-Ring Method (Shooting Line)

Shooting line—allowing extra line to slide out through the rod guides as the line loop unrolls—is a core skill in fly fishing. Of course, like many things in fly fishing, just taking a “whatever goes” approach to shooting line can often result in less-then-desireable (read: make you angry) results. The O-Ring Method, while not an […]

A Few C&R Ramblings

Just a few ramblings that I wrote some years ago on the subject of catch-and-release. Since the majority of my fishing is C&R, I figured that I might as well toss this up on the blog. Here you go: – – – – – – – – – – A number of factors can come […]

Jelly Water

This is an old article of mine, spruced up a bit for an upcoming book in the 20-title “Fly Fishing” series (it is likely to show up in The Angler as Predator). Figure that I might as well give a (very) advanced preview of that book here on the blog. Hope you like the read, and […]

Seeing Fish (the Short Version)

A little article re-print from some years back. As some of you know, I’m rather fond of sight-fishing, to the point where I tend to make more than a few of my fishing trips planned around that aspect of angling. What follows is a brief look at some of the aspects of seeing fish, which […]

Bow & Arrow Cast

Up-close-and-personal fishing can be one of fly fishing’s most exciting aspects. At very close ranges, however, “normal” casting is often not possible or desirable. What to do? No problem, just break out your Bow and Arrow (cast, that is). I consider it a “must-have” technique for any angler who likes fishing at super-close ranges. Also […]

The Last Five Percent

Just a little slice of something I wrote a while back for those readers who like to push their fly-fishing skill sets a bit. In any sport, there are those athletes who can develop and utilize the “last five percent” of their abilities. Five percent may not seem like much, but it is the difference […]

Practice, Warm-Ups, Stretching & Weights

This one is a slice from the recent FF&W E-List mailing, and is also straight from the next version of my Nature of Fly Casting book (and not yet edited). Makes for a decent (if brief) lead-in piece to the “Heathier Cast” post/page. Here goes…. If you’re going to be doing some serious casting during a […]