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Fish, Film & Water (The Way of a Trout)

A slightly edited re-post from 2009. A film I watched so many times in my youth, photographed in place I used to visit every spring. Those days are very long gone, but watching this still brings me back with intense clarity … – – – – – – – – As a kid, I had […]

Fly Casting as Art in Film

Within the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition (that I recently finished judging with an iron fist), there was one entry that stood out in a way that I had not expected. It came from the guys at Fly Society Belgium, and is, to my eye, simply beautiful. When you see it, you realize […]

TRW Premiere in PDX

After miraculously managing to get last-second, but rockstar-adjacent parking near Portland’s Hollywood Theater last night, Kel, her backpacker cohort, Hatti, and I wandered in to pick up our River Why tickets and find some seats. It was a packed house, which was good to see, and the River Network had a nice long intro time […]

5 Minutes X 12 FIlms = Go Watch

The Drake Video Awards. Watch. Enjoy. Vote. I don’t really need to write any more than that.

“The River Why” Premier/Benefit Screening

The River Why, which has been making the film fest rounds over the last year or so, is going to have its official premier in Portland on September 9. Kelley and I will be attending, and three of the principle actors are also coming in for the showing: Zach Gilford (Gus), William Hurt (H2O), and […]

Not Made by Amateurs

Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo. Just watched a promo copy of this DVD. Gorgeous. There is room for this level of excellence in fly fishing.

Arnold Richardson Dies

Got word this morning that A River Runs Through It cast member Arnold Richardson died earlier this month. Arnold played “old Norman” in the film, and his gentle casting stroke, trembling hands and old-school knot tying lent a sense of vulnerability and longing to his character. The Helena Independent Record has a very nice and […]

Review – “The Lost World of Mr. Hardy”

“It was all done properly…” Yes, it was. And yes it is, in this lovingly crafted documentary from filmmakers Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier. This is not a film made by fly fishers about fly fishing; it is a film made by filmmakers (who also fly fish) about an era, that if not completely lost, […]

“The River Why” Trailer

Got an e-mail that this was fresh out of the (digital) cutting room. Someone you might recognize at 0:39 getting what is apparently a much-needed casting lesson from the female lead (Amber Heard)…. For a non-YouTube version, go here.

Film Flies & Shutterbugs

Some FF&W readers may know that my “back-in-the-day” history involves a five-year stint working in the film and TV industry in L.A. Met a lot of amazingly creative and brilliant people in that time, and got work with a more than a few fellow fly-fishers on-set, as well. In that vein, MidCurrent just posted a cool […]

A Favorite Fly-Fishing Movie

Don’t let the title fool you, this is actually a dramatic portrayal of a fly-fishing life intertwined with the sad realities of modern-day living, all reflected against a backdrop of canine competition. Last night, I watched (for the Nth time) one of my all-time favorite fly-fishing movies, Best in Show (directed by Christopher Guest). It […]

“Fly Fishing for Trout” (Old School VHS)

It seems that someone has uploaded my father’s old (early 1980’s) Scientific Anglers film, “Fly Fishing for Trout,” onto YouTube (in six parts, see links below). Watching it makes me realize how fast the years have flown by when I think that my father was my current age (39) when this VHS(!) video was popular. Not so sure […]

Got Blu-Ray?

Yes, the day has come. A mere 17 years after its theatrical release, you can now snag a copy of A River Runs Through It on Blu-Ray. My copy is on its way today. Here’s to hoping that a few deleted bits from the fishing scenes are back…

A River Runs 15 Years (with Suckers!)

In 2007, I wrote a brief piece looking back at the production of A River Runs Through It (watch It on-line). It was the 15th anniversary of the film’s release and I guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Anyway, the Trout Underground linked to it, and a bunch of traffic flowed to my (then) […]