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Kelley sent this to me last month, and I finally got around to putting the trailer up here at FF&W. Narrated and executive produced by a familiar voice…. [iframe width=”560 width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″] More about Watershed here.

Blackberry Slideshow (November 2011)

As some of you know, I was back at Blackberry Farm over this last weekend. I always greatly enjoy my time at Blackberry, even when I’m working in support of an event (as I was this trip). While there was much more going at Blackberry than just some fishing—including flat-out fantastic (and up-close-and-personal) concerts with […]

A Couple of Days at the Yamsi

I was gone most of last week, putting some dusty mileage on Oregon’s passes and backroads. One place I ended up was the Yamsi Ranch in southern Oregon. Some of my time was devoted to a fly-casting clinic, but the rest of my hours were spent exploring the section of the Williamson River that runs […]

Friday Fish Fry – North Umpqua

No fish in today’s photo, just water (but I guarantee that there are fish in the photo, just not showing themselves above the water). This was taken on one of America’s crown-jewel rivers, the North Umpqua. If you’ve never been to or fished the North Umpqua, you need to do so at some point in […]

Drawing Fish 52 – 39_Pacific Lamprey

DF52 Pacific lamprey. Perhaps not exactly what you expected? Think “koi” for now, and I’ll fill in the details (and why this image is so rough) later… Update: Okay, I’m back with some more info. I had a piece going last night, got 20+ minutes in and decided I really didn’t like it all—so much […]

TRW Premiere in PDX

After miraculously managing to get last-second, but rockstar-adjacent parking near Portland’s Hollywood Theater last night, Kel, her backpacker cohort, Hatti, and I wandered in to pick up our River Why tickets and find some seats. It was a packed house, which was good to see, and the River Network had a nice long intro time […]

“The River Why” Premier/Benefit Screening

The River Why, which has been making the film fest rounds over the last year or so, is going to have its official premier in Portland on September 9. Kelley and I will be attending, and three of the principle actors are also coming in for the showing: Zach Gilford (Gus), William Hurt (H2O), and […]

Some Good News About Pelican Creek

Old family friend, Royce Dam, fishing Pelican back in the day. Own a copy of Reading Waters? (If you don’t, you should.) Go check out page 24 for the same shot in relation to feeding lies. According to a post at the New Heathen’s blog, one of my absolute favorite places to fish from my […]

Swinging Soft-Hackles and Rain on Junipers

As some of you know, I don’t tend to blog a lot about my actual fishing in “real time.” Fishing is often a rather personal affair for me, and I typically use fishing events to later enhance “how-to” pieces and so forth some time after the fact. This week, though, I wanted to do an […]

“Reading Waters” Sample Pages

While posting re-formatted excerpts of a book is nice, it is sometimes nicer to actually see what the inside of a book really looks like. I figure that anyone interested in the “Fly Fishing” series should at least see a sample of the “guts” of one of the titles. With that in mind, below is […]

Another Piece of the Didymo Puzzle Solved

Just got tipped on this: The mechanism that Didymo (a.k.a. “rock snot”) uses to grow so prolifically has apparently been figured out via research conducted on Rapid Creek in South Dakota (a water I first fished when I was about old enough to stand). Hopefully this will lead to some measures that can at least […]

MT – SB 306

If you love Montana’s trout rivers and their surrounding ecosystems, and are not aware of what’s going on with Montana’s SB 306, you should be.

A Favorite Place – Madison Morning Between the Lakes

The sights, sounds and smells of this place are so close to me right now that my mind and body are literally craving them. This is a photo from a day that my father and I spent along the Madison between Hebgen and Quake Lakes a few years back. So warm that morning, with a […]

“Reading Waters” – Costilla #1

This morning, I finished up the photo/illustration layout for Chapter Three of Reading Waters. In one spot, GB dictated the use of one of my 1990s-vintage photos of Costilla #1 creek on the Vermejo Ranch property. It is a photo pulled from a series of images that I made one morning when the light simply forced […]