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J.Borger Fly Fishing – The Story Begins

I grew up as a fly fisher, and fly fishing has shown me the deeply involved rhythms of water, land, and fish. Fly fishing has been a way in which I could lose my sense of time, but also a way to challenge myself so intensely that a second ticked by like a carefully watched […]

“Nature of Fly Casting” is Dead

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a revised version of my Nature of Fly Casting book. As it turns out, I have actually been writing two fly casting books, I just didn’t realize it fully until last week. Originally, Nature of Fly Casting was a book that I wanted to really cover the […]

So…Bunyan Bug or Parmachene Belle?

Some readers wonder what I’ve been up to the last few months. I’ll tell you one thing: KEEPING A SECRET! That’s what. Unbelievably hard to do, but now that it’s Mother’s Day, a big reveal seems appropriate. Don’t know what Kel and I are getting yet, but it’s either a Bunyan Bug or a Parmachene Belle! […]

DF52 & Friday Fish Fry Postponed

In case anyone is wondering, this week’s DF52 fish and the Friday Fish Fry have been postponed a bit. My lap very recently had some laparoscopy so I’ll need another day or two before I am back at FF&W. Nothing too serious, just lifted one too many giant steelhead and paid for it with my inguinal […]

We Have a Winner! (J&FF Shadow Cast Competition)

Emerging from my private screening room after days of coffee- and Jujyfruit-fueled film viewing, I have declared a winner in the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition. I can’t reveal the winner until the gents over at J&FF post my review, but I can tell you that it was a close competition. Rarely have […]

Hot Rod Tenkara – The Beginning

Sakasa Kebari fly from last year’s DF52 project. Hot Rod Tenkara is my latest little foray into semi-irreverent fly fishing. After a couple of recent outings involving tenkara-style fishing, I decided that I needed to build my own tenkara rod. Rather than go the route of designing a lovely telescoping stick, complete with flor-grade handle […]

“Reading Waters” has Final Approval

I really hope that I didn’t miss too many typos, etc., this time because now there is no going back…

The (Cork) Doctor is IN

Spent much of today playing the part of a surgeon to a stack of fly-rod handles. Basically just reaming to match blank diameters/tapers. Hadn’t done this much cork work in, well, a rather long time (actually, I don’t think ever). Some of you might be asking why I would be doing this much cork work, […]

Building an Eclectic Reel

As some of you may know, reels are my favorite piece of fly-fishing gear. So, when I saw that I could order the above reel as a kit from The Eclectic Angler, I couldn’t resist (couldn’t resist the $60 asking price, either). Also got a copy of the below book to go along with it: I will […]

The Author: A Study in Bemusement

I was going to post a shot of the book sitting on a table or something equally as exciting, but then this little pic of GB popped up. He’s either trying to look pleased with how it all turned out, or he hates it and he’s just trying to laugh off the money he spent […]

FF&W is at WP 3.0 — Here’s to Hoping…

Just backed up the FF&W database, as well as the main theme, and then hit “upgrade.” The 3.0 version of WordPress is now running here and hopefully everything will continue without a hitch. I’ll have a look through things, but if something is really messed up for anyone, let me know. No water-time for me […] is now

Well, is still, but has taken over from and turned into Confused yet? ;-) Actually what I’ve done is transfer the blog URL (a/k/a the Web address) from jasonborger to fishfliesandwater. The change should be essentially invisible, since both domain names point to the same set of files. BUT, […]

Page Hierarchies and Dead Links

Before the Pages section of this blog gets out of hand, I have decided to step in and organize the thing. No more random topics arranged by first letter! Now it is about random topics arranged by first letter, but under separate parent pages. Thrilled? I’m sure you are, but try to contain yourself. Actually […]

Drawing Flies 52

There is still one day until Christmas, and if you’re looking for a unique gift to get someone, check out the book that Jeff Kennedy at Drawing Flies 365 has to offer (or just buy it anyway, good books are always worth having). Jeff and I have also been talking behind the scenes, and we have […]