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SHFC Update — August 11

I am continuing to flail away on SHFC, grabbing writing time as I can. Everything that I plan on including in the book is in the book, but not fully fleshed out. Some chapters are about 97-percent, others are more like 67-percent. It’s the 67-percenters that I am focusing on right now, including the D-Loop […]


To finish up the TAaP post triple, here’s a link to the Table of Contents (PDF file). If you had any question as to what TAaP might contain, hopefully this will go some distance toward an answer. I think that GB is brewing up something else on the book, so I’ll let him post at […]

TAaP = Done

Finally, The Angler as Predator (or TAaP to those of us waaaay too familiar with it) is done. I have some of the usual end-of-process clean-up in the Index file and then I need to generate the press PDFs, but all 208 pages are otherwise ready to go. Some readers may realize that 208 pages is long […]

Wild Pixels and “The Angler as Predator”

Today’s story problem: GB is in sunny, warm Argentina catching numerous large brown trout. I am in the rainy Pacific Northwest, herding obstinate pixels. Which one of us is having more fun? While you ponder the answer, I’ll just let you know that The Angler as Predator, the next book in the “Fly Fishing” series, is almost […]

The J.BFF Weekend Update

A few notes on J.BFF projects that are in the works: The early arrival of my little daughter, Brooke, put a multi-month slow-down on my upcoming Single-Handed Fly Casting book, but I’m finally getting back to filling in the blank areas once again. Also trying to get a good handle on shipping costs, using my […]

“The Angler as Predator” Update – Dec 23

To say it has been a rather intense fall—and now offiicially winter—would be an understatement. But, every project that I’m working on has somehow managed to move forward, including the “Fly Fishing” book series collaboration with GB. The latest book is The Angler as Predator, and it has passed an important milestone. TAaP is now through […]

SHFC Update – December 22

This beast of a book continues to fill out. I’ve been going through and adding bits and pieces of what I call “intent and application.” This are short intros to certain skill sets that better define, well, the intent and application of each skill before digging into the physical meat of the instruction. It’s small […]

SHFC Update – November 6

Single-Handed Fly Casting continues to take shape. This last week saw me refining the organization more, with a new appendix devoted to fly-casting technology (the technology used to study fly casting, that is). I have also been working through the big chapter on the D-Loop casts (rolls and the greater Spey-family of casts). There have […]

SHFC Update – October 21

Even with a small (now 5-pound, 10-ounce) distraction named Brooke, Single-Handed Fly Casting continues to move toward completion. The book gained two unexpected chapters last week after I decided that Chapters One and Four were too long with too much lumping of info. I don’t know if any FF&W readers are interested in multiple 50-page chapters, […]

SHFC Update – September 29

So, I sat down to fill in “a few holes” in the mending chapter of Single-Handed Fly Casting. I jumped around in the chapter to make sure I touched on the most important bases and details for each mend. Then, I repaginated the thing. I now have nine full pages of *new* text (no photos/illustrations […]

1,001 Fly-Casting Books on the Wall…

For those of you who know the old drinking song about “100 bottles of beer on the wall” (which I used to sing all the time as a kid—what does that say about me?), this is the fly-casting book version. After much consideration and the careful use of an abacus, I’ve decided to limit the […]

“Nature of Fly Casting” is Dead

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a revised version of my Nature of Fly Casting book. As it turns out, I have actually been writing two fly casting books, I just didn’t realize it fully until last week. Originally, Nature of Fly Casting was a book that I wanted to really cover the […]

A Little “Long Flies” Excerpt (About Not-So-Little Brown Trout)

GB called me from the road today. He was just driving through Escanaba, Michigan on his way over to the Pere Marquette. I *really* miss that particular trip, and I was immediately wanting to be back on the shores of the Great Lakes. That, in turn, got me thinking about Great Lakes steelhead, salmon, and […]

“Long Flies” Table of Contents

Long Flies is officially on its way from the printer. I’m supposed to have a few books myself come Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, GB has posted the Table of Contents over at his blog. If you have an interest in seeing what the book contains, point your web browser here. And for those […]