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TiF Dec/Jan ’12 and TFJ 3.2 Have Arrived

Yes, “This is Fly” and “The Flyfish Journal” have recently arrived via email and snail-mail, respectively. As many of you know, TiF is the not-safe-for-tweed e-zine that pushes the boundaries of what a fly-centric mag can be, and TFJ is, well, it’s one of the few mags out there that I’ll ante up $40 a […]

Fly Fish Journal – Issue 3.1

I’ve been enjoying the latest issue of the “The Fly Fish Journal,” especially the image spread in the “Rises” section, number 02. I could see that at about 5×8 (feet) on a big, empty wall that I don’t currently own. Do you subscribe? If so, then you know the shot I’m referring to. Don’t subscribe? […] Article About Jeff Kennedy

Nice piece at the new eZine,, about my DF52 cohort, Jeff Kennedy (includes a video at the end). Check it out (starts on page 62).

This is (Stone)Fly – Latest Issue

Finally got a chance to leaf through the latest issue of “This is Fly.” While TiF is not to everyone’s taste, I’ve always appreciated its somewhat alternate presentation of the fly-fishing lifestyle. The latest issue is no exception, and I found myself especially drawn to Corey Kruitbosch’s stonefly photo essay (see pages 108-115). The photos […]

Newest Catch & Latest TIF Now Live

The latest issues of two e-zines that I read, “Catch” and “This is Fly,” are now available. Two rather different magazines, but my angling and artistic minds appreciate each for what they have to offer.

Fly Fishers Inc.

Well, no one can complain that there aren’t some free (and good) Web-based, fly-fishing mags out there these days. Whether you want photography, video, prose or how-to, there’s more and more to look at all the time. One recent addition from New Zealand is Fly Fishers Inc. Check out page 85 for a streamer article […]

JB@Fly Fish America

As some of you may already know, I’m back to writing my regular Techniques column for “Fly Fish America” magazine. The first of the new columns will be appearing in the May 2010 “Trout” issue. The subject is “Down-and-Across with a Parachute.” Basically, it’s about using the combination of a down-and-across approach with Parachute and […]

A Day on the Fork

With the recent concerns about the Harriman Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork (arguably one of the most famous stretches of river in the world), I thought I’d post a story that I wrote some years ago about a particularly memorable day on the Fork. – – – – – – – – – The […]

The Jelly Water Puzzle

Since I’m going to soon be heading back to my old column in “Fly Fish America,” I thought that I’d post what is perhaps my favorite column from the “old days.” I suspect that parts of this story will show up again in another guise in a future column (and I can pretty much guarantee […]

Back to Fly Fish America

After a hiatus of a couple of years, I’m returning to writing my techniques-based column in “Fly Fish America” magazine. The refreshed column is scheduled to appear in FFA’s annual “Trout Issue,” with a May/June 2010 dating. The column, barring space or other issues, should appear in every issue thereafter. With a distribution model that is based heavily […]

Catch Mag #7

Finally got around to paging through “Catch Magazine” #7. Excellent as expected, with some very up-close-and-personal (and spectacular) tarpon photog work by Daniel Göz. “Catch” #7 also includes “The Light Series Part 4: Late Light,” which is inspiring to say the least (so many of my memories of great angling places are steeped in the […]

SLP Mo-Cap via “Fly Fisher” (Japan)

My friend, and fellow casting geek, Tomonori “Bill” Higashi, e-mailed me a few months back asking if I had a good mo-cap sequence showing SLP (that would the “Straight Line Path” of the rod tip during a cast, which is actually only straight for part of the cast, and then only for casts where it […]

Triple Shoot Video

A little bandwidth consumption from the “From the Archives” department. Actually this is more like, “It’s Saturday night, I need to make a quick post, and look what I just found in a long-lost folder.” Origins aside, this is a much more visual follow-up to the Triple Shooting post that I put up here in […]

Catch Magazine #5

Catch Magazine #5 is here and lookin’ good (as always). If you already subscribe to/read Catch, then you know all about it. If you don’t, you should! Go have a look. (And catch the Catch Blog here.)