Bow Legged Hopper

Below you’ll find an older, but still good, hopper pattern: The Bow Legged Hopper (this fly caught the largest dry-fly brown I’ve had to hand in the Bighorn). Rather than trying to re-type everything about this pattern, I have scanned the info straight out of GB’s 1991 book, Designing Trout Flies.





Congratulations! You’ve managed to reach the end of 400KB+ of tying illustrations. Happy hopper-tunities!

A note: Step 1 may be an issue, since it refers to a fly not shown here. Basically the instruction refers to a deer-hair underbody, over-wrapped with thread (in an open spiral). Leave the deer-hair tips sticking out the back to provide a “tail.” Hope that clarifies things a bit (and the drawings show what is happening, as well).

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